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home working problems and solution

During worldwide lockdown caused by coronavirus crisis, millions of people across the country adjusted to working from home.
Immediatly reports of back, neck and joint pain came flurrying in as people set up camp at their kitchen table. For those with limited space and resources, finding a comfortable space to work was a real challenge.
Remote work and E-Learning: sometimes it creates a situation of forced coexistence.
In many families, especially in cities where the average size of houses is not high, the forced need to work and study from home has required many difficulties to optimize domestic spaces. Forced coexistence is a source of tension, which certainly does not help in a condition of general stress, due to the restrictions imposed on normal daily activities.

Lounge-tek’s solutions to improve ergonomie of Laptop at home

Lounge-tek offers a Smart solution to multiply house corners to be dedicated at remote work.
With the Lounge-tek laptop stands it is easy to work, study, participate in online meetings. Work ergonomic and relaxed at home, from armchair, sofa and even in bed!

Using laptop on sofa, armchair.

Laptop works better
The adjustable laptop table for couches will give your device a flat, hard surface to run at best with the optimal air flow fro vents. The flexibility of the Lounge-book let you fix the screen at an angle that’s comfortable for your eyes and allow a naturally typing.
Freedom to move
The “suspended” concept of structure allows a frequently brief break. You can do simple stretches at your desk, such as stretching your neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. You can leave your desk to walk around to get your blood flowing and muscles loose. Humans are mobile beings and not meant to sit still all day.

Meeting on Line? Best with a laptop stand!

Your couch, armchair and even bed, could be your favorite place to follow on line meeting.
If the meeting can last over an hour, it is advisable to find a position so as not to strain the back, the neck muscles, the eyesight. Lounge-book allow to place the laptop ergonomically, at the right distance, Mouse pad can hold paper documents or external mouse.
The portable laptop stand can also help you to find a room with the properly privacy to follow the meeting online without noise or distractions.

perfect laptop desk for meeting on line remote work at home

Use your laptop in bed

Whether you’re working in the evening or to relax with a movie, using your laptop in bed would be comfortable and relax. It is absolutely fine to use a laptop on a bed but for limited time!
Lounge-book offer to laptops an hard surface with air flow holes to improve cooling. Most of the laptops have air vents at the bottom or on the sides. Placing your laptop on a flat or uneven surface like a pillow, bed or on your lap for a long time blocks the air flow, causing it to overheat. In addition, the holder keeps the laptop away from the body, avoiding uncomfortable heat caused by computer hardware.
Keep away laptop from body also prevents from dangers of EMF radiation risks.

Save space, keep tidy your table, with Desktop Riser

Desktop Riser is the notebook riser for table that tilts and lifts the laptop, improving its ergonomic functionality and saving table space.
Thanks to the Desktop Riser, the screen is positioned at the correct height so as not to strain the eyes and strain the neck muscles. Desktop Riser is also perfect for the office and limited spaces such as shops and front-end

Laptop Outdoor

Have you a garden, a terrace or a patio, shaded and surrounded by flowers and green ? Take your work or study outdoor, using your laptop on the terrace, patio or garden.

Use your laptop outdoor on garden or terrace