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use your laptop outdoor

The Lounge-Book using laptop outdoor: on the beach, on the garden, at the club house

Lounge-book is a perfect support to enjoy computing also outdoor, for example in the garden or on the beach (it need umbrellas) It’s usual to see people that use Laptop or tablet on the beach, to work or communicate also on  holidays…. but always with some difficult to support laptops with the naked legs…. here…
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Lounge-book for fashion bloggers at Rosemount Fashion Week

Sidney, May 2010 Rosemount Fashion Week, running from the 2nd through to the 8th of May, is a week of fashion events showcasing Australia’s leading designer brands and retailers. Fashion Week organisers will utilise a product newly introduced to the Australian market. The new Lounge Book, a collection of comfortable laptop tables will be used…
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Use your laptop oudoor with a laptop support ecodesign made by recycled materials

Materials are not unlimited: new Lounge-book EcoDesign

Verona, Italy – July 2012 The Lounge-book is the innovative device to use your Notebook and Tablet in total comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. The new “EcoDesign” model keeps  the features that has determined its success; moreover it is made with a 90 % of recycled materials   Here is the news: – The notebook-holder tray…
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Lounge-Wood laptop stand is a beautiful piece of furniture too.

By Ubergizmo Despite the term laptop, chances are you’ll probably be more productive and slightly more comfortable if you were sitting at a desk, or if you had a more stable surface to place your laptop on. Sure there are laptop stands currently available which claim to provide ergonomical features, but are they as beautiful…
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Worth every dime… Lounge-Wood Laptop Stand

By GIZMODIVA Lounge-Wood Laptop Stand is my next purchase for sure. As a blogger and someone who spends so much time online I really think it’s something I need. We surely need some comfy space to nestle in and the chair looks very comfortable. There is accommodation made for my iPhone and also a good…
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Lounge-book Freestanding Recliner Laptop Stand

By Low and Mac 2008 Lounge-book from Lounge-tek of Verona, Italy, is not a simple accessory but an innovative solution that will help you use a notebook in complete relaxation wherever you want: in an armchair, on the sofa, on a chaise-lounge or even better – in bed. Lounge-book helps prevent health problems and overcome physical…
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Lounge-tek makes one of the first Virtual Show-Room in Second Life

Verona, February 10, 2009 We had fun to create and use this innovative tool to create a virtual show-room. We think it is one of the first to have a real commercial use. We think that it may have excellent potential for a viral marketing.We liked the idea of ​​a 3D virtual community where to…
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For Home Workers (outdoor): Lounge-book vs. Ikea Dave

This is Stefania Outdoor Office. Stefania Girelli is an Italian Freelance journalist that manages a Blog about Furniture ideas with reuse of used goods and recycling of materials.She obvously is an Home Worker … when the summer is coming, she start to work on her terrace, thanks to the Lounge-tek EcoDesign Laptop Support. A recliner, a…
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Lounge-book relax for geek

Hello my Geeks! today i would like to introduce you an accessory unique and very confortable. His name is Lounge-book ……..how many times you works with a laptop on the sofa or over the legs? As usual after few minutes i must stop causing the incorrect position or the heat sink on the legs…. Link…
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Mondotech Blog di Leonardo.it

We tested a Lounge-book support reading an E-book with a Kindle by Amazon….. ….it take many advantages, excpecially when support the E-book ith ands for a long time…. Link to the review (Italian)

The New Laptop Stand

from Homedit One of the most important aspects we all care about, no matter we are at work or at home, is the one referring to comfort. Fortunately, the idea of having comfortable workstations has become increasingly prevalent. Starting from this idea, people came up with the idea of laptop stands in order to ensure an…
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The Lounge-Tek Laptop Desk Keeps It Compact and Efficient

from apartment therapy “If you go for the first laptop desk you find, you’ll probably end up with something small,fragile, and that won’t stand up to much abuse. Take a look at this amazing laptop desk, from the Italian company Lounge-Tek. We mentioned their Lounge-Book laptop desk/stand last year, but their new wooden update looks…
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laptop lectern made by ecodesign concept

The new laptop-stand Lounge-book Ecodesign Rusted in Fuorisalone 2013

Lounge-tek proudly presents his Laptop-Lectern “Ecodesign Rusted” @Goodesign 2013, furniture by Giorgio Caporaso Ecodesign Collection Milan April 9, 2013 Lounge-tek proudly present at the GOODESIGN 2013 the new finishing “Rusted” on his Lounge-book. This according to our Ecodesign philosophy that require us to use as possible materials with low enviromental impact or coming from the recycling chain. We start the production recycling the…
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