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Watch TV on Laptop at home, office, wherever you want

Watch TV at home, on your laptop Prolonged use of a laptop, however, has its ergonomic limitations. On its own, the laptop is unsuited for working or  watch media (at least 3 hours) for more than one hours, working longer on a laptop results in an uncomfortable position with pain and stress. Prolonged laptop use leads…
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The new lounge-book brown series laptop support

Laptop supports Brown Series

A new finishing for Lounge-book laptop supports is now on stock. Lounge-book Brown and Crystal Brown have the main structure with height regulation, made by Painted metal by powder coating with Ecopolifix zero emission, the color is dark brown with “Corten” rusted effect. The fully adjustable (rotation and tilt) Laptop base, and the lateral mouse-pad,…
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works and philosofy of achille castiglioni the master of italian design that inspire every day our work

Hundred years. Thank you Achille Castiglioni

2018, Achille Castiglioni would be one hundred years old. A special memory for his work that inspired us so much in the creation of our products. His thoughts guide us in our daily work: a philosophy that we feel contemporary more than ever, which we summarize with one of his most famous aphorism: “Good design…
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the perfect support for ipad pro and other big tablet PC

Smart & Stylish support for iPad Pro and Tablet PC

Smart devices as Apple iPad Pro, at home as a desktop. Tablet PC are a new way to use computers, with intuitive gestures achieved for mobile computing. However, responsive pencil,  Face ID and all the smart features included in amazing device like iPad Pro, tempt users to replace dektop and laptops with tablet PC, also for home-Computing.…
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The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices with lounge-book and the best multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech

Desktop for mobile devices: Lounge-book + Logitech k480

The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices. With Logitech k480 you can transform any tablet or smartphone in laptop, with lounge-book you can use it comfortable, on your favorite place at home. Multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech: the revolutionary keyboard for your computer that also works with your smartphone or tablet. – Bluetooth wireless – Multi-platform…
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laptop cooling comfort ergonomic support

Laptop cooling stand

More than a Laptop Cooling stand “Lounge-book” is more than a laptop cooling stand. “Lounge-book” is also a fully adjustable ergonomic support, that improve ergonomic features of portable computers. Laptop overheating has become one of the most common issues for laptop users. One highly possible culprit of laptop overheating is insufficient cooling. You will need…
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Keep your laptop away from your body

Don’t keep Laptop on your lap!

Laptop Cooling and health risks Expecially on Summer, whitout dress to stop impact of cooling airflows, you should keep your laptop away from your body. It’s not only an health problem but also for computers! A major problems in the operation of laptop computers is overheating since it can affect the performance and stability, sometimes…
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backpain usng laptop at home

Back-pain using laptop at home

Intensive use of laptops at home may cause backpain. The features that make laptops very portable, such as a screen attached to the keyboard, are the same features that make it difficult for people to adopt correct posture when using them. A common problem is perching a laptop on the legs so users stare down…
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A support to transfor any chiar in ergonomic chair against backpain

Laptop at home. Ergonomic chair or Laptop support?

Using laptops on a poor posture. Why you need an ergonomic armchair. Using your Laptop for a long time in wrong posture may be dangerous for your health: for this reason you may need an ergonomic armchair or a laptop support.Sitting in a standard chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back…
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Tino feng shui design for stool

TinTable new furniture inspired by Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design TinTable (Tino to his friends) is a new furniture element produced by Lounge-tek. It’s inspired by Feng Shui Design (Tin-Art Project by Alessia Tomasi). You c Alessia Tomasi, is a Designer from Vicenza, Italy and she was the creator of Tin-Art Project. Thanks to her profound knowledge of the rules of Feng Shui, she has…
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A wallmount flowerpot that become a vegetal picture with really flowers and plants, above all without irrigation systems.

Green Decor: Lounge-tek introduces Biovertigo, the vegetal Picture Frame

Lounge-tek developes new concepts for a new digital lifestyle, now with an innovative element for Green Decor We think Biovertigo as a easy way to decore your house with plants and flowers reducing maintenance and daily irrigation. Green Decor available for two Models and sizes: Biovertigo Easy 2 Balconies made by ABS and Polycarbonate, Red, White and Black  …
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Lounge-book Översyn av tidskriften Est-Elle Norden

Italienskan Mariangela har renoverat en lägenhet i ett antikt hus från 1600-talet i hjärtat av Verona, alldeles nära Arenan. Hon påbörjade renoveringen i den fuktskadade bottenvåningen för åtta år sedan. Hon har använt kalkfärg på väggarna för att förhindra mögelskador i framtiden. Det är högt till tak och hon har framhävt de vackra nischerna som ursprungligen fanns……… Den ergonomiska dataskärmen som man väl…
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Lounge-book Ecodesign laptop support kit reviewed by Jeff

We sended a Lounge-book Ecodesign to  Jeff Gedgaud a freelance that has made an intersting Reviews Blog about technology and house products. Jeff  give some interesting informations and tips to understend product and quality features. We provide Lounge-book in a easy mountable Laptop Support Kit. Lounge-book Ecodesign is the most enviromental friendly version of Lounge-tek Supports.…
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watching tv on laptop or tabletPC

Watch TV on Laptop. Brazil 2014 is best with a Lounge-tek support

If the German world Championship in Germany 1974 was the “Tv color mundial” , Brazil 2014 will be the “Mobile Mundial” . The great diffusion of the mobile technologies,  and the big offer of bradcast and web provider (Sky is the leader),  will start the new mobile era in soccer entertainment. In the four years…
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ergonomic supports for wi-fi lounge

Notebook accessories for public spaces and wi-fi area

Lounge-tek products are born as Notebook Accessories to be used at home. Thanks to their ergonomic features may become a commodity, to offer internet to customers, as the internet connection. All people focus on the connectivity service, but it is also important to enjoy computing in ergonomic way to relax and prevent postural troubles. Waiting…
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