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use your laptop on recliner or deckchair, move your office outdoor on Garden or terrace

Move your office outdoor

Move your office outdoor. Use your laptop on garden, patio or terrace.

using laptop in bed

Laptop in bed. Healthy, Comfortable, Ergonomic

Whether you’re working in the evening or to relax with a movie, using your laptop in bed would be comfortable and relax….

perfect laptop desk for meeting on line remote work at home

Meeting on Line? Best with a laptop stand!

The covid 19 health crisis with lockdowns have forced millions of workers to face meetings on line and webinars at home. Meetings until now took place in meeting rooms or offices specially equipped for the purpose, they have been moved at homeIt was a sudden new reality that changed our habits but an online meeting…
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Lounge-book for hospitality. Hotels, B&B, Residences.

Using Laptop comfortable in Hotel. Lounge-book is the ergonomic support for a correct posture, optimize room’s space

A Lounge-book as a Christmas gift.

Moving restrictions free The recent restrictions imposed by worldwide prevent traditional end-of-year family gathering at christmasThanks to our E-commerce you will have the opportunity to say “love” or “thanks” to the people who are important to you. Lounge-bbok will be an appreciated and useful gift to use laptop at home. Drop shipping You can enter…
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FAQ, all you may ask about our laptop supports

Is this product able to be used from the left side of a chair?? Lounge-te supports are symmetrics: you can use it at better from Right or Left sideBoth Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are symmetric: you can use them either from the right or from the left side.This operation for the Lounge-book is easy: you just…
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Quarantined with family on Lockdown. The solution is the Lounge-book laptop support.

“My nephew was updating his bedroom to be more school-from-home friendly in the pandemic, but his room is quite small. This mobile laptop desk provided him with other locations nearby his desk that he could switch to while using his laptop in the space. The unit is exactly as advertised. Worked out great for the…
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Ecodesign Natural Story

More than a product, a concept work in progress. Lounge-wood Ecodesign Natural has seen the first time at Goodesign 2013 in Cascina Cuccagna, thanks to the support of Giorgio Caporaso and his amazing lessmore design.Ecodesign Natural, comes from looking for the most sustainable materials and finishes.Thus, the laptop tray and mouse table are made with…
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remote work e-learning

Remote work: how to optimize home spaces to help family coexistence.

The restrictive measures adopted for the Coronavirus have revolutionized our habits and family relationships, especially for those who had to work from home and study remotely. The Lockdown did appreciate the advantages of teleworking and remote communication but also highlighted some problems inherent in working from home. Remote work and E-Learning: sometimes it creates a…
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Laptop supports for injured or disabled

A laptop support for injured or disabled

Smart solutions for injured people. Transform your house in your office desk.