Lounge-tek world

Redefining Comfort for Bloggers, Influencers, and Digital Creators

The merging of the social and digital worlds has given rise to a new category of professionals who operate directly from their homes: influencers, bloggers, creators active on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and emerging platforms like OnlyFans, which are revolutionizing the digital entertainment landscape. The Home as a Set for Digital Content Creators In…
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lounge wood rendering round base armchair

New LapDesk

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our laptop stands, the LapDesk laptop table. This innovative piece signifies the renaissance of unparalleled Veneto wood craftsmanship, that meets the contemporary demands of digital-age lifestyles. Traditions meet technology since 2010 Since its initial launch in 2010, with over 2000 units delivered to classic style lovers,…
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stressless armchair accessories to work with laptop

The new Lounge-book Round for round base Armchairs

The laptop stand for round base Armchairs as Stressless by Ekornes

x-mas gift idea laptop stand

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Laptop users

The Lounge-book makes for an excellent Christmas gift in 2023. This ergonomic support for laptops and large notebooks is a valued and practical tool for tech enthusiasts, home-based professionals, and avid laptop users. Daily delivery from our craft workshop in Italy Lounge-tek deliveries are direct from our factory in Italy, thanks to FEDEX we can…
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use your laptop on recliner or deckchair, move your office outdoor on Garden or terrace

Move your office outdoor

Move your office outdoor. Use your laptop on garden, patio or terrace.

chat gpt interview about lounge-tek and laptop supports

The chat gpt interview on laptop ergonomics

We asked Chat GPT what she thinks about laptop ergonomics and Lounge-tek. Here is the interview, we think that Chat GPT is a good Ergonomy specialist! Backpain using laptop at home, how can i solve? Back pain can be a common problem when using a laptop at home, especially if you are not sitting in…
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laptop stand for lounge waiting rooms

Laptop support for lounge and waiting rooms

Maximize your productivity while waiting by using a laptop, particularly if you have work, study, or personal tasks to complete. The Lounge-book laptop support not only enhances the ergonomic aspects of using your laptop at home but also serves as a stylish addition to lounges and waiting rooms. Appreciated service for Corporate Headoffice, Events, Meetings…
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lapètop in bed

Lounge-book for hospitality. Hotels, B&B, Residences.

Using Laptop comfortable in Hotel. Lounge-book is the ergonomic support for a correct posture, optimize room’s space

Flower fully adjustable floor laptop stand

Welcome to Flower!

We are thrilled to present our latest addition to the Lounge-Tek family: Flower! Designed with both style and functionality in mind, Flower is an innovative ergonomic accessory that will revolutionize your lounging experience. With Flower, we have combined modern design aesthetics with the most comfort, offering you a unique and personalized way to relax. Imagine…
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Laptop in bed ergonomi and safe wtih a laptop support

Using laptop in bed. Please use an Ergonomic Support.

Using laptop in bed. Make it comfortable with our ergonomic laptop supports

laptop on sofa alexandra Nicole Nolan

Livingroom is the new Office

New digital lifestyles and the growth of remote work caused by the Covid 19 Emergency has changed the work organization in a Home Office direction. Alexandra Nicole tested our support Lounge-book is the laptop support that improve ergonomic features of Portable computers at home.“I love how it is the perfect size to work from without…
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back shoulder using laptop on the table at home

Ergonomic chair or Laptop Support ?

Using laptop for a lot of time in a wrong posture may cause pains and phisical troublesSitting in ordinary chairs for a long time may cause back pain or neck pain (cervical syndrome). The main reason is that standard chairs, and static postures in general, increase the stress on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, legs,…
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lounge-book and toyo

Design inspired by the masters of Italian Style, as Achille Castiglioni

Our laptop stands are inspired by the masters of Italian design, such as Achille Castiglioni, witness of Italianculture that has been founded on a tradition of the fine arts and of skillful craftsmanship.Achille Castiglioni designed objects made for everyone and useful in daily life, with the target that also drives our design, that is to…
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furniture solution home lockdown

Improve home working and remote school on lockdown

Home working and remote learning, during the lockdown have transformed your home spaces into an office or temporary classroom. To improve your Lockdown or Quarantine, Lounge-tek offers smart and economical solutions to optimize space and improve ergonomics of furniture when using your Laptop or Tablet at home. Work and study from the sofa, armchair or…
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Lounge-tek reaches 25,000 customers in over 40 countries.

Since 2008, ergonomic laptop stands have helped thousands of users comfortably use laptops at home.An innovative piece of furniture, appreciated by home workers and indispensable for improving the quality of life at home in the lockdown.During the Coronavirus crisis, sales quadrupled with a strong increase towards the US and German marketsThe ergonomic supports are designed…
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