The new Desktop Riser.

Desktop Riser is the desktop laptop stand, made of FSC-certified plywood, 100% produced in Italy.
We designed the Desktop Riser thanks to the skills got in ten years of sales of our laptop stands, listening to the suggestions of over 30,000 customers.
Desktop Riser can support laptops up to 18 “with a safe tilt of 12 ° which can be increased with the supplied coolfit feet.
The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home, forcing them to optimize the spaces at home: it is from this need that we have created Desktop Riser. Optimize the spaces of tables and desks with essentiality, style and attention to materials.
Desktop Riser is also perfect for the office use and improves organization of limited spaces such as shops and front-end workstations.

Laptop ergonomics on desktop

Desktop Riser is the desktop notebook riser that tilts and lifts the laptop, improving its ergonomic functionality and saving table space.
Thanks to the Desktop Riser, the screen is positioned at the correct height so as not to strain the eyes and strain the neck muscles. Usually When you place your laptop on the table, you have to look down to see the screen, tilting your neck. In this way the weight of the head that hangs forward puts a strain on the spine which can cause pain and over time, more serious pathologies such as neck pain.

desktop riser laptop stand for table

Configure a functional Desktop workstation with your laptop

Desktop Riser is the accessory to create a functional Desktop station with your laptop: at home or in the office Using an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, it is easy to configure the laptop with a double display and more functional peripherals for continuous work.
Spreadsheets, Graphics Software and Word Processing require large displays with more accurate and functional input and pointing devices than laptop keyboard and touchpad which are designed for mobile use.

Save table space, keep desk tidy

Desktop Riser saves space on the table and helps keep the desk tidy, thanks to the useful cable hole and the conformation of the structure that allows you to store the external keyboard when not in use.

Improve laptop cooling

Thanks to the self-adhesive caps in Technogel Coolfit, it is possible to increase the slope of the laptop by a few degrees, improving the air flow under the computer, where the are duct are usually positioned
The Coolfit feet have an adhesive power that can be regenerated simply by washing them with water, to guarantee hundreds of attaches and detaches, this to adapt them to laptops of different sizes or use them as a safety stop at the base of the notebook.

Naturalness and strength of wood

Desktop Riser is made of Birch Plywood, FSC certified. The wood used comes exclusively from controlled reforestation and does not contain harmful solvents such as formaldehyde. (
We produce Desktop RIser in Italy, with the skills of our Veneto furniture production district.

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