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Watch TV on Laptop at home, office, wherever you want

Watch TV at home, on your laptop Prolonged use of a laptop, however, has its ergonomic limitations. On its own, the laptop is unsuited for working or  watch media (at least 3 hours) for more than one hours, working longer on a laptop results in an uncomfortable position with pain and stress. Prolonged laptop use leads…
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Lounge-book Översyn av tidskriften Est-Elle Norden

Italienskan Mariangela har renoverat en lägenhet i ett antikt hus från 1600-talet i hjärtat av Verona, alldeles nära Arenan. Hon påbörjade renoveringen i den fuktskadade bottenvåningen för åtta år sedan. Hon har använt kalkfärg på väggarna för att förhindra mögelskador i framtiden. Det är högt till tak och hon har framhävt de vackra nischerna som ursprungligen fanns……… Den ergonomiska dataskärmen som man väl…
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ergonomic supports for wi-fi lounge

Notebook accessories for public spaces and wi-fi area

Lounge-tek products are born as Notebook Accessories to be used at home. Thanks to their ergonomic features may become a commodity, to offer internet to customers, as the internet connection. All people focus on the connectivity service, but it is also important to enjoy computing in ergonomic way to relax and prevent postural troubles. Waiting…
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porta computer portatile da casa con deaign minimalismo e classe

Lounge-book also for hotels and hospitality: the apartment residence Juliet House Verona

Verona, September 2012 When you are  business travel or on holidays,  are you finding the best places to support your laptop or tablet?Most of hotels, Residence Apartments, Bed & Breakfast has a traditional furniture and focus their digital services on wi-fi or tv. Few hospitality manager thinks to any other important service asd the ergonomics.People…
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using laptop with wheelchairs

Using Laptop on Wheelchair. Lounge-book for disabled and injured people.

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood offer fully adjustable support solutions for laptops and tablets, facilitating comfortable usage whether you’re seated in bed, on a chair, or in a wheelchair, particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities or the elderly who may require prolonged periods of sitting or reclining. Disabled and Injured people These versatile supports find applications not…
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bedside table for laptops hotel rooms

laptop ergonomic for hospitality: lounge-book in apartment residence Bolzano

A perfect furniture elemen for hotels  and hospitality Booking Bolzano offers new solutions for modern-style living in the beautiful and historic city of Bolzano. Comfort, privacy and convencience are only some of the advantanges we offer over traditional hotels. More space, ergonomic comfort in Hotel rooms. They say : “Our properties are fully equipped, thus…
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