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Laptop in bed ergonomi and safe wtih a laptop support

Using laptop in bed. Please use an Ergonomic Support.

Using laptop in bed. Make it comfortable with our ergonomic laptop supports

backpain usng laptop at home

Back-pain using laptop at home

Intensive use of laptops at home may cause backpain. The features that make laptops very portable, such as a screen attached to the keyboard, are the same features that make it difficult for people to adopt correct posture when using them. A common problem is perching a laptop on the legs so users stare down…
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A support to transfor any chiar in ergonomic chair against backpain

Laptop at home. Ergonomic chair or Laptop support?

Using laptops on a poor posture. Why you need an ergonomic armchair. Using your Laptop for a long time in wrong posture may be dangerous for your health: for this reason you may need an ergonomic armchair or a laptop support.Sitting in a standard chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back…
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