Lounge-book also for hotels and hospitality: the apartment residence Juliet House Verona

porta computer portatile da casa con deaign minimalismo e classe

Verona, September 2012

When you are  business travel or on holidays,  are you finding the best places to support your laptop or tablet?
Most of hotels, Residence Apartments, Bed & Breakfast has a traditional furniture and focus their digital services on wi-fi or tv. Few hospitality manager thinks to any other important service asd the ergonomics.
People comes back to the hotel and often must be connected with the headquarter to send data , read e-mail or wrtite a report…..they need to do it in a comfortable position when using Notebook or tablet PC. Anyone use those devices also for entertainment, to watch films , news, or simply play poker on line… as usual, people do it uncomfortable, in wrong posture comfortless and poor for computers.

laptop stand in apartment residence

Appreciated service from clients

Juliet House Verona  is a modern and design resort in the heart of the ancient Verona.
They give a Lounge-book as a support for laptop and tablet to customers, architect studied a special paint according with the different interiors, each inspired from different opera represented in the nearby Arena every summer.