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Lounge-book as a support for tablet and e-book Reader

support for laptop and e-book reader

Verona, March 2010

Lounge-book was born to support Laptops but it’s also a good solution to substain the e-book readers and Tablet like the ipad, the newest form factor for PC from Apple.

We have made some product test with a “Kindle” the revolutionary e-book reader made by Amazon.
This device may revolution the way to read books thanks to its intelligent solutions: the confort of reading in every light conditions, the simply of use , 3G connectivity that means over 300.000 books available on line!
The tablet PC from apple also promise to extend the revolution of iphone to mobile computing.
After the text we think that the Lounge-book may be a useful accessories for those that need a support for read and watch video for prolonged time… keep it with the hands may be weary.

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