Watch TV on Laptop at home, office, wherever you want

Watch TV at home, on your laptop

Prolonged use of a laptop, however, has its ergonomic limitations. On its own, the laptop is unsuited for working or  watch media (at least 3 hours) for more than one hours, working longer on a laptop results in an uncomfortable position with pain and stress. Prolonged laptop use leads to more fatigue and discomfort in the neck and shoulder region. Screen has to be adjusted to eye level. This can be accomplished with an integrated laptop support as Lounge-book.
You will be also, free to move, during advertising spots, to take a drink or your favorite snack!

watch superbowl comfortable on your laptop on sofa, armchgair bed.

Watch sspecial events wherever you want, for example Superbowl …If you live in the US and have access to the internet, then you’ll be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on CBS that will stream the event live through its Sports website and mobile apps.
CBS has even the sweetened the deal by allowing users to stream the Super Bowl without having to sign in. Verizon subscribers will also be able to stream the game on their mobile devices via the company’s sites and services such as AOl, Complex and Yahoo. YouTubeTV,  Playstation Vue and Sling TV  all providing an alternative.
American football fans in the UK will be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on either the BBC One for free or on Sky Sports with a subscription.

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  2. Is it available at Dhaka, Bangladesh?

    • Lounge-tek Admin says:

      Hi, yes Bangladesh is now a destination available on our direct ecommerce. Transport is costly, about 99 Euro duty & tax included. I suggest you buy a Lounge-book Chrome or Loungewood model.
      Thanks for your interest in lounge-tek products

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