TinTable new furniture inspired by Feng Shui Design

Tino feng shui design for stool

Feng Shui Design

TinTable (Tino to his friends) is a new furniture element produced by Lounge-tek. It’s inspired by Feng Shui Design (Tin-Art Project by Alessia Tomasi).
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Alessia Tomasi, is a Designer from Vicenza, Italy and she was the creator of Tin-Art Project.
Thanks to her profound knowledge of the rules of Feng Shui, she has the ability spaces to balance out living spaces.
These objects were born from harmonic search across masculine and feminine, fullness and emptiness, and the union materials and emotions that shapes the sitting of natural spaces.

Harmony with yourself

Lounge-tek with their artisans, have realized this furniture elements to find an equilibrium, for the new digital lifestyles.
The force and rigidity of the metal, seems molded from the firmness of wood, in a  competition between warm and soft elements that gives to the piece a vitality that resounds within the soul.
Tino represents the revenge of nature versus the human technologies. It comes from a crushing deformation of a metal drum, finishied by a powder coating process. A rounded base, handmade in wood or marble is pasted on the top as a cover.

Useful, Original, unique Style

Each object is a unique piece, that you can use as a stool, small table, bedside table, stand for art objects or flowerpots, or simply to hold the towel on the bathroom
Available in several colors and covers, you can buy it from our e-commerce

What’s Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui is an original Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.
Feng Shui objects take the approach that your surroundings affect not just the level of material comfort but also physical and mental health, relationships, energy.
Feng Shui Design examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in living environment, and how these objects interact with and influence personal energy flow. This influence is achieved by positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow.
Feng Shui offers a unique way of looking at yourself and your environment, and it provides a way of bringing balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment in a manner that is difficult to achieve by any other means.

feng shui design use as objects stand, stool, small table, coffe table, bedside table