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I am very happy with my decision! The craftsmanship is extraordinary and I enjoy the beautiful design and functionality. I had to contact the support because of some individual needs and here I had a very professional contact too. Thank you very much!

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3 years ago
Image #1 from JEROME D.
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1 year ago
Image #1 from stephanie t.
stephanie t.
stephanie t.
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very good product. I recommend this article, it is practical. don’t hesitate it will be very useful to you

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2 years ago
Image #1 from Helena H.
Helena H.
Helena H.
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täytti odotukseni

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2 years ago
Image #1 from Juhani Valkonen
Juhani Valkonen
Juhani Valkonen
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Well packed fast shipment, sturdy and functional stand. Easy to assemble.

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2 years ago
Image #1 from fernanda ferreira de ferreira
fernanda ferreira de ferreira
fernanda ferreira de ferreira
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The product is exactly as shown in the advertisements. Excelent! Very convenient! However, the video on how to assemble it, should be clearer, showing each step of the process. The shipping was on time and excelent as well, allowing us to keep track of every move of the package. I’m really happy with it!!!!!

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2 years ago

Reviews and feedback about our ergonomic laptop support:

#Etsy ★★★★★ Just perfect. Minimalist look, easily blends in the decor. Ergonomic for both gaming (on the sofa) and working (in front of working chair). Thank you so much!!

#Etsy ★★★★★ “Works perfectly, assembly was straightforward, packaging was suitably minimal. This is going to be the best Father’s Day gift yet. And the kids are really old.” Kristin #laptoplifestyle #ecodesign #loft

#Etsy ★★★★★ “Really useful for working from bed!” Rebecca M.

#Etsy ★★★★★ “Looks good, arrived quickly and appears to be very well made. The only thought I have to improve this product would be to have the main shaft cylindrical rather than square in order to allow the main console swivel. Highly recommended for people who need to work at a location without space for a desk.” Mario

#Etsy ★★★★★ This was the best money I’ve spent in ages! I have mobility and joint issues and managed to put it together in under 45 minutes. It has made a huge difference to my work life, I work on a laptop from home and for the first time my wrist and mouse hand wasn’t in agony at the end of my shift. I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful product ❤️❤️❤️ by Pets il 10 dic 2020

#Etsy ★★★★★ “My nephew was updating his bedroom to be more school-from-home friendly in the pandemic, but his room is quite small. This mobile laptop desk provided him with other locations nearby his desk that he could switch to while using his laptop in the space. The unit is exactly as advertised. Worked out great for the space we were working with, and shipping was fast from Italy.” Tara P.

#Etsy ★★★★★ “I was looking for a minimalist, modern, non obtrusive laptop stand as my husband insists on leaving his laptop in the living room and this fit the bill perfectly. His previous stand was such an eyesore I had to find one that camouflages in the living room. What a great laptop stand and shipping was so fast all the way from Italy to US! I received my item within 3 days after ordering and it was in perfect, immaculate condition! Thank you Loungetek!” Melanie J.

#Etsy ★★★★★ “Perfect for using my laptop while on the sofa – really saves my neck, shoulders, wrists from strain. Sturdy but lightweight, which makes it easy to shift around when getting in/out of the sofa. It arrived super quickly (just 2-3 days) to the (east coast of) U.S. from Italy! I assembled it in <30 minutes by myself (I am a petite female); the YouTube video helps. Two tips: (1) make sure you orient the plastic cover that goes over the feet in the right direction (the side with the two notches should face the “V” of the stand) and (2) put felt pads under the feet to make it even easier to move around. Worth every penny. I’m already considering a 2nd one!”

laptop table for couch sofa bed minimal, design made in italy

#Etsy ★★★★★ “This is an excellent piece of furniture. Well made, instructions accurate. Looks luxurious. Would highly recommend.” Robin H.

#Etsy ★★★★★ “I am very impressed with the quality and function of this desk. Communication with the seller was great and it shipped very quickly too” mattiegrrrl

July 23, 2012
Verified Purchase Amazon US
I’d been looking for something to hold my laptop conveniently while using my recliner. After looking at a lot of “medical device” type over-chair tables (not what I needed!) I found this item. I agree with another reviewer to ignore a previous negative review. This thing allows me to position the laptop very conveniently to my favorite chair. Assembly instructions are more “artistically” designed than they are simply functional, but you’ll figure it out easily enough. The components are stout and the range of adjustments is good.

December 10, 2016
Verified Purchase Amazon US
The table is really small and lightweight, if you fit one, or both of the legs, under the couch it would be more difficult to move because you would need to slide the table horizontally to get it out. To put the table at the correct distance for me to use while sitting on the couch I put one leg completely in front and the other about six inches underneath the couch. In my situation you would need two hands to slide the entire assembly from underneath the couch but then you could easily move it with one hand once you lifted it up and stabilized it, assuming you had already removed the laptop from it, which is so obvious that I didn’t mention it. I’m super impressed with this laptop table, it put the screen on my machine at the height that I have needed all along, after having bought this and one chiropractic adjustment the results are amazing, my neck is well on the mend and I feel 1000% better. Apparently the unit itself weighs 5 Kg (11 pounds in my world).Not that I can ever imagine using it for this (never say never) it can also be used in bed, although I’m sure you’d have to prop yourself up with a ton of pillows.
Since I got it I have messed with it a quite a bit to get the angle of the laptop, the height of the laptop screen and touch pad, and the distance away from me of the laptop screen to my liking correct, but I suspected that that would be a learning curve, and it was. I would rate this products quality very highly, great fit and finish, easily adjusted and a decent range of adjustability, very good quality materials (thick plastic) great versatility, easy to assemble if you are not a mental midget (so simple that you do not need to read the instructions, it is so blatantly obvious) 10 out of 10 in my opinion. My verdict is that I highly recommended this laptop table.

January 7, 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon US
At the time that I placed the order, I was not aware that it would be shipping from Italy. The seller shipped it out the same day that I ordered it and miraculously I had it in 4 days and was able to give it as a gift on Christmas morning. I was not expecting to be able to do that. I told the recipient they would be getting after Christmas since I ordered it so late. We saw this product on “I Want That” tv show and saw a need for it. It is well built, easy to assemble. Great idea and designed very well.

April 13, 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon US
Worked better than expected. I am using it with 17 inch laptop and it is just perfect. I am recovering my health issue an this has allowed me to continue working from reclining position. So far (had it for a couple of months) great product.

November 4, 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon US
Stronger and better built than expected. This portable desk works great for me in my limited space. I am a gamer and a 12 pound notebook and gaming mouse are awesome on thus unit!

May 17, 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon US
It was easy to put together. It works great for using my laptop and also works very well for eating food on it in front of the tv, because you can adjust it to be flat. It lowers enough to be stored at the end of the couch for an end table. And goes high enough to be used in bed. I am pregnant and this is just what I needed to fit over my huge belly. The italian website showed them in many other color choices and there was only about 3 choices on Amazon. So I couldnt get the exact color I wanted. I love this table/computer stand. I may order another one in the future. The legs fit well underneath the couch.

February 3, 2016
Verified Purchase Amazon US
I have a heavy 19″ laptop and it handles it well. The stand’s flexibility of positions has helped my posture at the computer while on the couch in the evenings. The mouse stand for me is a cup stand or a place to ‘store’ the mouse as I need the post on the left and I’m right handed. The mouse sits on the couch next to me or on my lap which works for me.

January 27, 2019
Verified Purchase Amazon US
I love this product! The desk is a huge improvement over the desk I used before. The mouse pad is at the correct ergonomic height for me and the keyboars is much easier to use for big tasks. And the white color works perfectly in my family room. I spend too much time working at home so I’m glad to have a solution that minimizes my should pain.

April 27, 2016
Verified Purchase Amazon US
Great little laptop stand. I admit it took me awhile to get used to this. While the laptop part does swivel, the actual stand does not. Meaning the base and mouse part, so while you can swivel the laptop part, and you kinda need to see what I mean in person, its not fully adjustable as I thought and I was at first disappointed. I tried it out after my husband put it together, very easily, and was more impressed then. It easily felt more comfortable and slid nicely under the bed and couch. It even stores nicely in a little area in our bedroom sliding under a shoe rack, which I was sure it WOULDNT fit, but it does. So very close to the floor and would likely fit under most beds, couches, etc. Overall I would still have purchased this laptop stand, maybe just would ask the seller to clarify that the mouse part of the stand does not swivel bc for me just having pins in my wrist and being slightly disabled, it did matter. Buy with confidence, arrived from Italy in just days! Thanks so much!

July 8, 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon US
This laptop stand far exceeds my expectations!! It is a true work of art and craftsmanship! Italian – designed and skillfully modern, this ergonomic stand will make you feel like new. I love it! I will be purchasing 3 more!!!

November 10, 2014
Verified Purchase Amazon US
I looked and looked and this was by far the best answer to my needs. [I wanted something that would come close enough to me, and be adjustable, so I could write on my laptop over my chair in any position] Pricy option but the only real answer for a laptop computer. Great functional and attractive design (it is in their Italian DNA)

March 26, 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon US
This is such a Great product!!! A Must Have for every Laptop owner & It is so stylish & modern looking & works so wonderful! I really am enjoying this beautiful Crystal Black Lounge~Book Laptop Table! Great Seller, Super Lighting Fast Shipping & such a Great Price!!! Get this & you will be so Happy you Did!!! Thank You so very much ☺ Lounge~Book & Amazon!!! ☺

August 14, 2012
Great, great product. Easy to assemble and works for all different couch sizes and recliners. I tried all kinds of lap based stands without any luck – in addition, my laptop would overheat with them. This has definitely solved my problems.Very Good Laptop Table
31 July 2015
Verified Purchase Amazon UK
I’d spent several months on-and-off researching laptop tables and finally settled on a Lounge-Book. The package arrived a few weeks before their estimated date, so that was good for a start. The table is pretty easy to assemble once the diagrams and construction sequences have been interpreted. The only tool needed was a cross-head screwdriver and the supplied allen/hex key.The unit is very sturdy when tightened-up into position and I’m impressed with the way it supports my laptop; an Alienware MX17, weighing in at around 12 pounds / 5.5 Kilos. The additional pads for the table surface to allow the laptop fans to breathe are useful too. There are some nice versions of this concept on the Lounge-Tek website which are worth researching too.There is a slight bit of movement when typing on the keyboard, though I regard this as quite minimal and not a problem for me. Al-in-all well worth the money.

15 January 2018
Verified Purchase Amazon UK
Ihave been researching for sometime for something that was suitable to sit in a lounge chair and use my laptop, and this is just what I was looking for. Unfortunately as my chair is an Ecorness stressler, the legs do not fit under chair but I am managing fine. I contacted the company and they responded straight away. as the gel pads were missing and they have sent them straight away,, a good service.. I recommend this table, or one of the higher end ones

22 October 2017
Verified Purchase Amazon UK
I used this everyday. In fact, I am writing this review from it.
It makes casual browsing from the sofa easy. I also use this on occasions when I am working from home and want a different environment from sitting in the study. Its really sturdy, adjusts well and has amble room for a mouse (and a glass of wine, if you are working into the evening.)

8 August 2016
Verified Purchase Amazon UK
Absolutely love this laptop stand. The lower shelf was designed for a mouse but its great to put a mug of tea or coffee on. As the shelf is lower, if your drink gets knocked over its unlikely to land on the laptop. This has also improved my neck pain as I can adjust it to anywhere I like.
To me it was worth every penny paid. I also have an S hook over the height adjustment knob which holds my bluetooth headphones perfectly.
Its very simple to pull the whole lot out to hoover the carpet under it. 🙂

2 November 2018
Verified Purchase Amazon UK
This was the only laptop stand I could find that ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for. Good quality, easy to assemble and fits in with my living room, glad I purchased it.

26 March 2011 Amazon UK
I purchased this Lounge-Book laptop table for my 90 year old mother who recently had a stroke that rendered her unable to use her left hand, unable to sit upright and unfortunately confined to a nursing home..She was not prepared to give up her computer, so swapped her PC for a laptop and with the versatility and flexibility this product offered is able to use the laptop in her semi-recumbent position.


5,0 von 5 Sternen 
Hochwertige Verarbeitung
Rezension aus Deutschland vom 25. Mai 2020
Verifizierter Kauf
Der Ständer ist aus sehr guten Materialien gefertigt und hochwertig verarbeitet. Da wackelt gar nichts. Gute Standstabilität und trotzdem ist der Standfuß flach genug, um inter die Couch im Arbeitszimmer gezogen zu werden. Schließlich möchte man sich bei Arbeiten bequem anlehnen.
Der Preis ist grenzwertig hoch, habe aber bisher nichts vergleichbares gefunden. Die günstigeren Modelle haben entweder globige Rollen, die nicht unter die Couch geschoben werden können oder sind relativ wackelig. Toll finde ich auch, dass das Produkt in weiß angeboten wird. Findet man recht selten. Lediglich die Plastikauflage könnte vielleicht noch aus Metall sein, dann wäre das Produkt perfekt.

29. Februar 2012
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Ein prima Ständer für Laptops und gut verarbeitet. Der Zusammenbau ging recht zügig, kein Teil fehlte. Die Ablage für das Laptop ist groß genug auch für Laptops mit einer Bildschirmdiagonalen von cm.Warum nur 4 Sterne? Nun, sobald ich etwas tippe, wackelt der Tisch etwas zu viel für meinen Geschmack. Da hätte ich mir etwas mehr Stabilität gewünscht. Zudem war ich bei der Beschreibung des Ständers davon ausgegangen, dass die “Haupt”stange um 360° drehbar ist. Das ist nicht der Fall, sondern nur die Platte für das Laptop lässt sich um 360° drehen. Wer also das Laptop in angenehmer Höhe vor seinem “Bauch” haben möchte, muss jedesmal beim Aufstehen vom Sessel oder Couch den gesamten Ständer zur Seite schieben.Ansonsten bin ich zufrieden. Das kürzlich von mir erworbene Laptop Cooler Pad U3 passt knapp auf die Platte, wodurch ich jetzt einen Laptopständer mit 3 Kühlungsventilatoren habe – und das mit dem Drehen der Hauptstange kriege ich auch noch gebastelt 😉

12. März 2017
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Super für den Laptop zu Hause, auch für die Couch. Bin begeistert. Der Zusammenbau war etwas nervig und die verwendeten Materialien erscheinen preiswert, aber die Funktionalität ist überzeugend.


13. Juli 2014
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
ich habe mit den Ständer gekauft weil ich leider krankheitsbedingt bettlägrig war
Der Zusammenbau ist etwas knifflig, aber geht doch recht einfach. Man sollte drauf achten wo man den Ständer hinstellen will, links oder rechts, je nach dem ist der Fuß und der Arm anderst zu befestigen. Ansonsten funktioniert der Ständer dann so wie ich es erwartet hatte. Mein grosses schweres, über 4Kg, Notbook hält der Ständer einwandfrei, kein nenneswertes wackeln oder mitschwingen des Armes, sehr gut einfach. Zwei Sachen wären noch verbesserungswürdig, 1. der Arm könnte etwas länger sein, aber es geht auch so ganz gut und 2. Rollen zum besseren bewegen wären wirklich spitze.

6. März 2017
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Ziehe in eine 1-Zimmer Wohnung. Nutze den Tisch gerade. Und sitze im Fernsehsessel. Mein privater bisheriger PC-Arbeitsplatz kann daher jetz wegfallen und außer dem Notebook auf dem Tisch gib es nur noch einen WLAN-Drucker. Perfekt. Der Preis wird durch die Qualität gerechtfertigt. Ohne Abzug bei den Sternen, Sie sollten nicht mit diesem Tisch und einem Notebook richtig Arbeiten! Geht auf die Augen (unvermeidliches Wackeln).

23. Dezember 2012
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Einfacher Aufbau, gute Beschreibung des Aufbaus. Ich hätte mir den Fuß beweglicher gewünscht z.B. mit kleinen Rollen. So ist er ein wenig starr wenn man ihn nicht mehr benötigt und wegstellen möchte, dennoch erfüllt dieser Laptoptisch meine Erwartungen. Der Fuß lässt weit unter die Couch heranziehen. Höhe ist auch sehr variabel. Meine Couch ist 45 cm hoch. Er ist stabil und sehr zu empfehlen. Preis ist gerechtfertigt.

3. Juni 2013
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Der Laptop-Ständer war schnell zusammengebaut und wirkt wertig. Er lässt sich individuell einstellen, ist stabil und standfest. Die kleine Ablage für Mouse oder Unterlagen ist gut überlegt und hilfreich.

12. März 2013
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Das Tischchen ist sehr praktisch und hilft sehr bei relaxten Arbeiten auch nach Feierabend. Allein die Verstellschraube für die Neigung löst sich ständig bei kleinen Bewegungen. Hier sollte der Hersteller nachbessern.

30. April 2012
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Wui, kaum bestellt, schon wars da! Das ging flott…
Qualität ist sehr gut, zwar aus PVC, aber hält wirklich einiges aus! Ich besitze einen neuen Alienware MX19 (also einen 19 Zoll Gamer Laptop) mit inkl. Akku gut 6kg Gewicht und einer Flächengröße von ca 45x30cm – er passt wie ausgemessen auf die Aufnahmeplattform 🙂
Kein wackeln, stablier Halt, sehr flexibel handhabbar, eigentlich stört mich blos, das der Arm mit der die obigen Ablage, worauf das Notebook steht nicht drehbar/festellbar ist, nur in der Höhe. Aber mit bisserl Geschick bekomm ich auch das gebacken – alles in Allem ein sehr gutes Teil, kann man wirklich nur empfehlen!
Die Füsse sind sehr flach, etwa 1,5cm hoch und passen somit auch unter die Couch mit gaaaanz wenig Bodenfreiheit – Kabel lassen sich leider nicht verstekcen – aber mit etwas Geschick und einer Bohrmaschine kann man auch das lösen – der Tragearm ist innen ja hohl 🙂
Fazit: Preis ist zwar happig, aber dafür wirklich gut verarbeitet und qualitätiv hochwertig! Kaufempfehlung, vorallem für übergroße und recht schwere Notebooks!!

16. Januar 2011
Verifizierter Kauf Amazon DE
Erstmal: Kaum bestellt, schon da!!! Wie immer sehr schnell, selbst aus Italien. Logistisch allererste Sahne!!!
Zum Tisch: Handlich verpackt, alles da. Alle Komponenten wirken und sind stabil. Der Tisch ist meiner Meinung nach sehr leicht zusammenzubauen, Beschreibung liegt bei. Der Tisch ist sehr stabil, nichts rappelt oder knarzt. Alle Plastikteile sind stabil. Einzig die Schrauben zu Befestigung der Fussteile hätten länger sein können.
Fazit: Ein wirklich guter Laptoptisch, der zwar nicht billig ist aber den Preis aufgrund der soliden Verarbeitung und Stabilität und guter Ergonomie rechtfertigt. 5 Sterne!!!

15. September 2011 Amazon DE
Tisch ist genauso wie ich es erhofft habe. Sehr stabil, gute Funktionen, Laptop erhält durch die Löcher auch genug Luft.
Das einzig Negative wäe, dass mein Laptop etwas abgerundet ist (vorne), dadurch harmoniert es nicht zu 100% mit den Haltern am Ende. Ist aber kein Problem da es auch so hält.
Ist zudem eier der wenigen Tische, die auch unter eine Couch mit geringer Fußhöhe passen.
Alles in allem wurden meine Erwartungen übertroffen…

2 juillet 2012

J’ai hésité comme bon nombre d’entre vous qui vous retrouvez également sur cette page produit entre les différents autres supports pour laptops avec ou sans roulettes, en plastique, bois, beaucoup moins chers etc.
Je ne regrette absolument rien pour les raisons que je vais évoquer ci-après :
– Une qualité de finition irréprochable, des matériaux de qualité, solides et rassurants, il est composé à 90% de métal de bonne facture. De fabrication italienne, j’aurais été un peu plus “chauvin”, j’aurais juré qu’il était Made In Japan (ichiban \o/) ^^
– Finalement les roulettes auraient été une erreur, en effet, quand on trouve la position idéale avec ce support (position qu’on adapte simplement en serrant la molette de réglage sous le plateau pivotant) on a pas envie que le support se fasse la malle par un geste malencontreux (coup de pied ou appui trop poussé sur le support). Les molettes ne seraient jamais passées sous mon canapé.
– La société qui le fabrique dit que c’est un produit “éco-responsable”, où les matériaux employés ne sont pas toxiques ni pour le client final, ni pour ceux qui les fabriquent. Un petit “plus” pour ceux qui en portent le souci.
– Pour les gauchers comme pour les droitiers.
– Facilité de montage.
Ce produit est également livré avec 2 pads de gels qui peuvent se coller sur le plateau afin de faciliter l’aération de votre laptop. Personnellement je n’en recommande pas l’usage. Simplement car le plateau présente déjà des trous à cet effet, et deuxièmement car une fois les pads placés et le plateau incliné fortement, il se peut que votre laptop ne soit plus assez retenu par les ergots en plastiques censés le prévenir d’une chute.

24 janvier 2017

Entièrement satisfaite du produit. Je l’ai acheté pour mon mari qui se plaignait d’avoir mal au dos à force d’être dans des positions peu confortables pour regarder son ordi depuis le canapé. Il adère complètement et ne se plaint plus du dos. En plus du confort qu’il donne, il est très robuste, de qualité et au design fin, ce qui ne gâche rien pour l’ambiance de la pièce. Vous glissez les pieds sous le canapé, du coup ça ne prend que très peu de place. Le plateau peut pivoter, une très bonne option. Je recommande sans hésitation. Je pense même en acheter un autre pour moi même du coup car j’avoue en être presque jalouse.

2 janvier 2013

Je viens de recevoir mon support Lounge Book Standard, il a été très facile à assembler, les matériaux sont de bonne qualité, monté ce support devient une alternative quand on veut se servir d’un ordinateur portable dans un fauteuil ou même dans un lit. Avis complètement positif, à recommander!!!

15 mai 2015

Dans mon canapé ou dans mon fauteuil, c’est confort maximum.
Le clavier et la souris tombe parfaitement sous la main avec cette table

1 octobre 2011

sa physionomie apporte une stabilité impressionnante ; tant pour son usage assis au fauteuil, que dans son lit
par contre le rebort est trop court, cela se fait sentir quant le plan est un peu plus incliné vers soit.
dans l’ensemble ce produit est ultra pratique

2 juillet 2013

Produit vraiment très bien, facile monter, dommage que la colonne ne soit pas rotative mais le système serait plus complexe et fragile. je recommande cher mais très bien

6 mai 2011
Merci aux personnes qui ont inventé cette table pour ordinateur. Je ne pouvais plus utiliser mon ordi suite à des problèmes articulaires. Grâce à cette table je peux réutiliser mon ordi en position allongée sans augmenter les douleurs!! Car on n’a pas le poids de l’ordi sur soi et on peut facilement bouger les articulations car on n’est pas entravé par la table. La petite tablette pour la souris est très bien pensée et je dirais même indispensable. Alors un grand merci…De plus la livraison a été rapide en moins de 4 jours avec le produit conforme à la description. Montage en 10 min, très simple à réalisé. Un seul petit bémol : le prix…

16 novembre 2012
Achat vérifié Amazon FR
j’ai acheté la Lounge-book Ecodesign pour mon père qui utilise son laptop assis dans le canapé.
Montage très simple et rapide, matériaux solides de bonne qualité. Le réglage est intuitif et efficace. On trouve facilement la position idéale.
Produit livré en moins de 4 jours. Top!

22 mars 2013
Achat vérifié Amazon FR
Produit vraiment pratique. J’apprécie la minceur des pieds que l’on peut glisser sous un canapé avec une petite garde au sol.
Support PC à la fois léger et solide (composite bois résine) avec un système de rotation pratique et efficace.
Support souris de même matériau mais dont le système de fixation (encastrement) sur le mât est perfectible (très léger jeu).
Je recommande vivement ce produit.

7 février 2015
Achat vérifié Amazon FR
Franchement cette table d’ordinateur est vraiment pratique. Je l’utilise avec un canapé avec inclinaison électrique et on peut incliner celui-ci sans gène.
Les réglages peuvent se faire en tout sens et on peut l’utiliser en version gaucher, il suffit juste de placer la petite tablette dans l’autre sens.
J’ai longtemps hésité avec la version simple du même vendeur, mais je trouve que ce modèle est vraiment beau et pratique malgré une différence de prix plus que conséquente…

14 maggio 2013

Il supporto è ottimo. Permette di utilizzare il computer (ma non solo) anche in posti che normalmente lo permetterebbero solo in scomode condizioni!
Il prodotto è evidentemente ben studiato, permette svariati utilizzi. Il montaggio è guidato, e regolarlo risulta facile. Si vede inoltre che è destinato a durare.
Ciò che non mi ha mai convinto è il prezzo, che ritengo alto.
Consiglio il prodotto a chi vuole fare un acquisto sicuro e durevole!

26 novembre 2018

Comodo e di ottima qualità un acquisto sicuramente consigliato. Si adatta alle varie dimensioni dell vostra sedia/poltrona.
Sarebbero state comeode due ruote per trasportarlo e muoverlo in facilità

24 febbraio 2013

Molto comodo, permette di guardare il computer senza stare curvi con la schiena. Infatti è il computer che si curva verso di noi e ci evita posture sbagliate. Benefico per la nostra schiena!

9 febbraio 2016

Tavolino e arrivato velocissimo. Ha soddisfatto tutte le mie aspettative. Occupa poco spazio, è stabile ed è bello da vedere. Unico che non mi è piaciuto sono le istruzioni. .. sono un rompicapo.

5 ottobre 2016

Ho tre tavoli diversi. Lavoro tanto con il computer sul divano e in letto. Questo è unico ottimo, tutti i altri hanno tanti difetti loro. Bravi Lounge-Tek!

8 maggio 2017

Uno stand comodissimo, tanto per sostenere un libro che un laptop.
Un oggetto che cambierà per sempre il vostro modo di poltrire!

9 dicembre 2014

Fantastico! è molto utile e comodo . Si monta facilmente.
tempi di spedizione brevi. Lo consiglio a tutti ! ciao

14 maggio 2014

tavolinetto molto comodo ed esteticamente molto valido adatto a persone che devono operare con il PC a letto o in poltrona

3 settembre 2016

è proprio così, come lo vedete. Inoltre è robusto e comodo. Ci ho messo su un portatile da 15,4 pollici. La cromatura è ancora lì dopo due anni. Ottimo prodotto

19 ottobre 2017

spedizione veloce e corrispondente alla descrizione. se posso dare un consiglio, essere piu specifici sulla tipologia di viti da utilizzare per i vari pezzi  (le istruzioni sono generiche x piu modelli)

28 giugno 2017

Il prodotto è ben bilanciato, di facile montaggio ed il materiale è accattivante e gradevole esteticamente.
il pc stà bene sopra ed è ben bilanciato, la base con le staffe di neanche 3 cm infila un pò dappertutto senza problemi. Veniamo alle cose negative:
1) giustamente per tenere ben bilanciato il peso, il braccio che sostiene il porta-laptop è abbastanza corto, già se vi mettete sul divano ed avete un bracciolo, vi dovete tenere parecchio appiccicati a quest’ultimo.
2) IL DIFETTO PRINCIPALE per me, l’appoggio per il mouse non è spostabile, se utilizzate il supporto dalla vostra destra ok, se però avete la necessità di averlo a sinistra, dovete essere mancini, e soprattutto se lo piazzate davanti a voi, cosa fattibilissima per esempio su divano o poltrona, il tavolo per mouse rimane dietro e non è utilizzabile, sarebbe stato meglio attrezzarlo con un supporto che a sua volta consentisse di collocarlo a seconda di dove si mette il pc (bastava un bastoncino di egual misura del supporto per il portalaptop).
3) prezzo non proprio accessibile.
Comunque alla fine largamente sopra la sufficienza soprattutto per la qualità costruttiva ed estetica, per la solidità e per la versatilità di utilizzo.

7 dicembre 2017

Un porta-laptop con ottime e semplici caratteristiche costruttive. Solido e assolutamente adattabile a qualsiasi posizione di seduta ove la conformazione a “C” del supporto possa fare la differenza. Dal divano al letto alla poltrona mi accompagna ovunque. Consiglio l’acquisto!