Quarantined with family on Lockdown: the solution is the Lounge-book laptop support.

A laptop support for school and work at home

“My nephew was updating his bedroom to be more school-from-home friendly in the pandemic, but his room is quite small. This mobile laptop desk provided him with other locations nearby his desk that he could switch to while using his laptop in the space. The unit is exactly as advertised. Worked out great for the space we were working with, and shipping was fast from Italy.”
“We ordered this desk because I was having surgery and wanted something that would fit over a chaise lounge. It is perfect and I use it all over the house. It is sturdy and well made but light weight and easy to move around.”

Optimizing the domestic spaces.

Our homes have been conceived for lifestyles that the Lockdown due to the Coronavirus has completely revolutionized.
The model of sharing common spaces, went into crisis. Designed for convivial or  relaxation, Smartworking, Remote Teaching and new forms of Tele-Work have put them to the test. Smaller houses could stand on the assumption that key activities were carried out outside: in the office, in the factory, at school.
Most of the houses today are not structured to host reserved work spaces and the trends of recent years have favored the creation of Open-Spaces that are more functional for convivial moments or family life in common.

When the living room table is overbooked

It is the most frequent and striking case of disputed spaces in families affected by the lockdown. Sharing the table lowers work efficiency and limits the ability to participate in online meetings with the necessary privacy and concentration required.

Privacy necessary for work and study

The long stay at home has brought back the need for separate spaces to accommodate the privacy of each member of the family. The open-space, the sharing of areas of the house makes sense, when the use is not contemporary and permanent by all members of the family. The ideal condition for work or study from home would be a personal room with a desk, but this is not feasible in most of the current housing situations. From this need, the “conquest” of common spaces starts, often becoming a source of stress, penalizing concentration and efficient organization of activities.

  • Use your laptop on couch, work at home improving ergonomic features of mobile computing
  • use your mobile computer on the bed. relax communicate sdesign and style made in italy
  • transform your favorite armchair in a workplace.  a desk invented for home workers
  • Use your laptop comfortable at home with lounge-tek laptop supports
  • Move your office outdoor, use your laptop in gardent, terrace or poolside thanks to lounge-tek laptop tables, fully adjustable style and design made in Italy

Ergonomics of the computer desk: a key factor.

Workplace ergonomics is another key factor in the well-being of working from home. working with the laptop (the most popular device) for a long time in improvised postures puts a strain on the musculoskeletal systems of the body and eyesight. Notebooks, laptops and tablets have been designed for mobility and when used for a long time as a desktop, they require suitable supports to overcome their ergonomic limits. Poor postures, are source of stress and disabling diseases such as cervical pain, backpain, carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Get a room or more: with Lounge-book you can.

The Lounge-book laptop supports allow you to dedicate to working spaces, environments and spaces normally dedicated to relaxation and entertainment.
And this is how the sofa, the armchair and even the bed or deckchair on the terrace become workstations for notebooks and tablets. with the additional advantage of correct ergonomics of use and the convenience of furnishing elements designed for rest and physical well-being.
It is so easy and cheap to “earn” a room or more in the management of domestic spaces. For example, if the living room table is occupied by the children, you can sit comfortably on the sofa to complete the excel worksheet. Or you can join the video conference lying on the bed or on the deckchair in the garden.
With Lounge-book it is possible to solve the problem with a minimum investment, without modifications in the home and maintaining the same furniture. Improving family coexistence and working efficiency is simple: using the relaxation areas with the Lounge-book.

The lounge-tek notebook stand allows you to turn your favorite armchair into a desk for working from home

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