Move your office outdoor

use your laptop on recliner or deckchair, move your office outdoor on Garden or terrace

Take your work or study outdoors using your laptop on the terrace, patio or garden. Work or study comfortable, thanks to the serenity that nature and the outdoors offer you.
Have you a garden, a terrace or a patio, shaded and surrounded by flowers and green ?
It can be a new relaxing and healthy way to spend hours in front of the computer!

Use your laptop outdoor on garden or terrace

Always a good posture

With the Lounge-tek stand you will always find the ideal posture to use your laptop in the most ergonomic and comfortable position.
The slim legs and the computer tray that rotates 360 degrees and adjusts in height allow you to configure the stand in the most comfortable and ergonomic position.
The screen is at the ideal distance for sight and is positioned at the correct angle so as not to strain the neck and cervical muscles.
The mouse pad allows you to use the mouse by resting your wrist, and point it with the natural extension of the arm.
The laptop base can also be tilted, to type keyboard with the perfect hand position.
The suspended structure inspired by a traditional book stand facilitates body movements and displacements from the working position, offering maximum freedom of movement.

Avoid the stress of immobile positions.

You no longer have to hold your laptop with your body.
This usual way to use laptop may cause annoying overheating and impediments to muscle movements wich hinder blood circulation.
With the lounge book it is easier to take frequent short breaks and go for a walk or do some stretching exercises at your desk. Get up often! The computer also works better thanks to the correct airflow for optimal cooling of the hardware.

Our suggestions to create an office outdoor

Green Decor

Biovertigo is the green painting made with real plants and flowers. That’s more than a wallmounted flower pot, it’s a kit for home garden with a low maintenance system.