Wood Dark


Wood Dark

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Wall hanging pots for indoor green decor
Made by Wood and Polycarbonate
Include a reduced irrigation kit made by Vegetal fiber and Expanded clay

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Biovertigo are wall hanging pots, to create green decore picture frames indoor


– Internal structure : TechnoPolymers and Plexiglass
– Framework : Fir wood solid,  colour tone Dark  Wengeè finishing with a water-varnish zero emission 
– Dimensions: Height 59 cm, Width 39 cm, Depth 10 cm.
– 3 Balcons

100% Made in Italy


wallmount planters for interiors and terrace

The structure is made both as well as vase as well as frame, the painting consists by placing several green and flowering plants into the appropriate balconies, led only by your taste and the inspiration of the moment.
Buying the plantlets that better fit to artistic flow or current needs (1,2 or 3 per balcony, depending on the size of the chosen plantlets) you can immediately start to “paint and compose” the vertical garden of your dreams.
The hobbyist should just make sure that the soil added to the mix of vegetable fibers must be suitable for the type of plants chosen (acid, neutral, specific, and so on…)
The required maintenance is very comfortable : just look and check periodically the waterlevel situated at the base of our picture. If all water is used up, please water the plants by hand once more from above, as shown in the installation instructions.
The water will be absorbed immediately without any run over. The superfluous water will be stored and if necessary, released to the roots of the plants.
Required treatments are extremely limited and diluted over time thanks to the recovering and subsequent water redistribution system : just watering the plants by hand, pouring the water from above, every 15/25 days (the time interval between one irrigation and the next one, varies considerably depending on environmental conditions). You should just watch the waterlevel ; to increase growth and getting even more lush blooms just add every 3/4 months a small amount of liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water. The well-being of the plants will be such as good as we keep attention to some periodic prunings to keep the artwork similar to what the artist had in mind and to prevent an overgrow of our plants.
wall planters kit


Some Photos show product finished.
Plants, Flowers and common topsoil are not included in the product

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