Meeting on Line? Best with a laptop stand!

perfect laptop desk for meeting on line remote work at home

The covid 19 health crisis with lockdowns have forced millions of workers to face meetings on line and webinars at home. Meetings until now took place in meeting rooms or offices specially equipped for the purpose, they have been moved at home
It was a sudden new reality that changed our habits but an online meeting can offer several advantages.

The advantages of on line meetings

The online meeting gives participants the opportunity to meet virtually, avoiding the stress of traveling in traffic and saving the company the costs of any travel.
An online meeting is fast and saves you time! No travel means more time to devote to other activities. In addition, you can decide to organize an online meeting much less in advance than a traditional meeting.

The home is not a place designed for formal meetings and meetings, coexistence with family members can also generate noises or distractions that disturb the meeting

laptop desk on couch to follow meeting opn line

Define your comfort zone

Your couch, armchair and even bed, could be your favorite place to follow on line meeting.
If the meeting can last over an hour, it is advisable to find a position so as not to strain the back, the neck muscles, the eyesight.
In this case the Lounge-book holder is ideal for positioning the laptop ergonomically, at the right distance and with the additional support for documents or external mouse.
The portable laptop stand can help you find the right room with the necessary privacy to conduct the meeting online without noise or distractions.

Presentation is important

Show you with the look that matches the mood of the meeting on line and study the right background to not embarrassing your self. The best choice should be a neutral “wallpaper”. A luxury house or a messy room could both be inappropriate.
Even in choosing the perfect background image, lounge-book can be very helpful!
Tilting the laptop up to 35 deegrees allow to find the best position for keyboard,
Adjusting the height of the display to the same level as the eyes, is essential in order not to strain the eyes and neck muscles.
The rotating laptop tray allows you to point the webcam in the most appropriate way.

How to survive a boring meeting on line

The meeting is boring?

With the lounge-book you can easily simulate your live online presence, you can talk in the meeting, but at the same time watch your favorite sport or maybe a movie on TV!
We suggest to deactivete microphone or use an headphone set

The TV series is Boring?…a client say:

“Fast and fair priced shipping. Top quality product. Very ergonomic while doing laptop studies in my recliner or on the couch in front of boring TV series 🙂 “