Lounge-tek reaches 25,000 customers in over 40 countries.

Since 2008, ergonomic laptop stands have helped thousands of users comfortably use laptops at home.
An innovative piece of furniture, appreciated by home workers and indispensable for improving the quality of life at home in the lockdown.
During the Coronavirus crisis, sales quadrupled with a strong increase towards the US and German markets
The ergonomic supports are designed directly by Lounge-tek and 100% produced in Italy.
An efficient sales support has always solved every customer problem in any corner of the planet, thanks to the support of global logistics partners such as FedEx and DHL.
Lounge-tek’s attention to the sustainability of materials and processes is evidenced by the Ecodesign Natural model, made with finishes in natural rust and biopolymers using recycled wood.

laptop lectern made by ecodesign concept

Lounge-book improve ergonomic features of mobile devices. It revolutionizes the way to use the laptop at home, focusing on the man and his posture.

Loungewood is the evolution of laptop support that combines innovation and tradition with the use of fine materials and handcrafted finishes.

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