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Comfortable, Ergonomic, Stylish.

Introducing Lounge-book, the ultimate laptop stand designed to alleviate the strains caused by prolonged laptop usage. Say goodbye to discomfort in your neck, back, and eyes resulting from hours spent hunched over your laptop in an awkward position. Our innovative solution is here to transform your experience.
Experience Improved Posture and Comfort
Lounge-book is your ergonomic companion, enhancing your posture and boosting your comfort levels while using your laptop at home. By providing an optimal typing angle, it encourages a healthier posture that reduces strain and encourages better alignment.
Enhanced Airflow for Better Performance
Say goodbye to overheating issues that can affect your laptop’s performance and longevity. Lounge-book’s clever design elevates your laptop, allowing increased airflow underneath. This cooling effect prevents overheating, thereby extending the lifespan of your valuable device.
Invest in Your Well-being
Invest in the well-being of your body and your laptop with Lounge-book. Join the ranks of those who have already elevated their laptop experience and noticed the remarkable difference. Upgrade to Lounge-book and embrace a more comfortable, productive, and efficient way of using your laptop.

Lounge-book is 100% Made in Italy.

Laptop support for ergonomic armchair.

Laptop desk (on Armchair)

Home workers have found in Lounge-book the laptop accessory that improves ergonomics and allows working from home in a new comfortable and ergonomic way. Online meetings, personal productivity and surfing web become stress-free using the laptop in a good  posture!

laptop table for sofa couch

Laptop Stand (on Sofa)

Lounge-book introduces new concepts in the use of domestic spaces. work and entertainment merge, so the sofa transforms into a desk and the living room becomes the set for a video conference.Is your boss boring?
You can work and watch TV at the same time!

Laptop Support (in Bed)

Lounge-book brings entertainment and the social network to every room in the house, even the bedroom. Using the laptop in bed becomes comfortable and safe, preventing accidental fall when falling asleep. Lounge-book allows you to avoid the harmful contact of the laptop with the body

Lounge-book Round

The New Crystal Round is designed to redefine your comfort and style with round base furniture, as the most diffused and iconic lounge Armchair like Stressless® by Ekornes® …..

laptop stand accessories for stressless armchairs

The Lounge-book has the support you need

Lounge-book is the revolutionary floor laptop stand  that improve ergonomic features of mobile devices at home.
Get a perfect laptop desk from your sofa, armchair, bed, outdoor on garden or terrace.
Stability and versatility are the features that make the Lounge-book a unique laptop desk.


Fully adjustable

Laptop tray rotates 360° and lt 35°
(always find the right position)
Height setting from 57cm to 90cm
(from recliner to standing use)
Legs height 3cm
(slides under most of furniture)
Mousepad for external mouse
(use from left or right side simply rotating tray)
Easy Settings
(two knobs only)

Choose your Lounge-book

All the supports Lounge-tek have the same features, it comes in several finishes to meet any furniture and lifestyle. Lounge-book ergonomic support is made by metal and plastics.

A worldwide statement

Since 2008, Lounge-book was the comfort choice for thousands of customers all around the world. Thanks to our direct e-commerce we developed our products according customer’s suggestions. 

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Ergonomic tips

Something you should know about an ergonomic use of Laptop at home.