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In today’s digital age, laptops have become essential tools for both business and leisure travelers. With remote work and online activities becoming increasingly prevalent, hotel rooms often serve as temporary workspaces. However, prolonged laptop use in hotel rooms can lead to discomfort and potential health issues if not done ergonomically.
The Lounge-tek laptop stands are a useful service for customers of hotels, bed and breakfasts, residences and tourist rental houses.

Ergonomic Laptop Use in Hotel Rooms: Enhancing Productivity and Comfort

Whether you’re working, streaming, or both, ensure that your bedroom space provides the best possible environment for use your laptop in bed.
A well-designed workspace ensures better posture, reduces strain on your body, and promotes a more enjoyable experience while working or engaging in online activities

Avoid sitting cross-legged
While it might feel like second nature to plop down on your bed cross-legged, it’s best to avoid this position. As you’ve probably experienced, remaining in this bed-sitting posture for extended periods can cause your legs to fall asleep and your neck to start hurting. When your legs are folded beneath you, blood flow is restricted. Additionally, bending your neck to look at your laptop can strain both your back and neck muscles.

laptop in hotel

The best way to sit comfortably in bed with a laptop is to avoid sitting at all. Instead, it’s best to lie facing upward with your head and legs free.

The limits of traditional furniture in the use of Laptop Computer in Hotel

Most of the accommodation facilities are furnished in a traditional way, so customers are often forced into improvised and unnatural positions that are at least uncomfortable. It ‘a habit that in the long run may also cause physical problems such as back pain, cervical muscles and all disorders related to it to a poor posture, induced by the ergonomic characteristics of the laptop.

In fact, customers often use the bed itself or the bedside table as a desk, causing postural problems due to incorrect back and neck positions, bending of the spine or eyestrain due to the distance of the screen. All this is accentuated to maintain the wrong posture for a prolonged time. That may cause physical and mental stress, which is even more felt by those who have completed a demanding day’s work.

Why improve room ergonomics

Lounge-book is the cost-effective and versatile solution for hospitality operators, capable of improving the ergonomics of mobile devices such as laptops and tablet-PCs, without altering the existing furniture. With its suspended structure and extensive adjustment capabilities, Lounge-book allows you to always achieve the ideal posture and maintain the best position for your eyes, back, wrists, lumbar support, neck muscles and cervical system.

The Benefits for Hospitality Operators.

Some operators sensitive to the problem have introduced the Lounge-tek supports in the rooms and in the common spaces, registering a high appreciation by the customers and in some cases realizing savings in money and space, replacing the traditional bedside table.
Lounge-tek supports are available in numerous versions and finishes to best suit every interior design and style.

Bed and Bike Verona is an accommodation facility that combines urban comfort and sustainable mobility just a stone’s throw from the Fiera di Verona, frequented mainly by customers in town for work.
Bed and Bike provides some Lounge-books for customers who want to use the Notebook or Tablet comfortably from bed offering a service appreciated and increasingly popular.

solution to use the notebook in comfort in the hotel room
Lounge-book in B&B Bolzano

Booking Bolzano.
Optimize spaces.

Booking Bolzano in some rooms offers its guests the comfort and ergonomics of Lounge-book supports instead of the traditional bedside table:
-More space perception in the rooms
-Optimization of spaces and furniture arrangement
-Offering a more versatile piece of furniture than the traditional bedside table.

Hotel Veronesi La Torre Verona Airport.
Design, innovation in service.

Hotel Veronesi la Torre is the prestigious accommodation of the Calzedonia group, located a stone’s throw from Verona airport. Business and Touristic customers, with an international outlook, appreciate the ergonomic features of the Lounge-book, provided in the most prestigious suites and in some common areas such as the lounge-bar and the reception.
The Hotel proposes service innovation and room design as a key element of its offer, in harmony with the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the Lounge-tek supports.

tavolino per stand in reception

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