Lounge-book Ecodesign laptop support kit reviewed by Jeff

We sended a Lounge-book Ecodesign to  Jeff Gedgaud a freelance that has made an intersting Reviews Blog about technology and house products.
Jeff  give some interesting informations and tips to understend product and quality features.

We provide Lounge-book in a easy mountable Laptop Support Kit.

Lounge-book Ecodesign is the most enviromental friendly version of Lounge-tek Supports.
The Laptop-Tray and the Mouse-Pad are made in a Recycled Wood mixed with a Plastic special composite.
During the die casting process, the random mixing of the two components creates an effect that makes each Lounge-book a one-piece, with the emotion and the warmth offered by wood.
The strength and the resistance to moisture and wear are those proper of plastic, without increases in cost of the product.
The production process by diecast, also gives to each good, a different look from each other, like a “master piece”