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About us

The New 

We are proudly to present :
the new LapDesk born with users suggestions



Sculptural furniture

Lounge-wood revolutionizes furniture design with its innovative laptop table, redefining the way we use mobile devices at home. Unlike traditional accessories stored away in cabinets, our laptop table is a versatile and integral furniture piece. Crafted with warmth of wood, the strength of steel, and the sophistication of aluminum, Lounge-wood embodies a perfect fusion of materials.
Our portable laptop table transcends the ordinary, offering a comfortable and stylish workspace for users on the go. It functions as functional surface, providing stability for your laptop computer whether you’re lounging on a couch, relaxing in bed, or seated on various surfaces. Elevate your home experience with Lounge-wood, where form meets function seamlessly.

Tradition meets innovation

Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation through the artisan craftsmanship of the Venetian furniture district. Our creations at Lounge-wood are a testament to the rich legacy of Venetian craftsmanship, where time-honored techniques meet cutting-edge design.
In the heart of this renowned district, we take pride in infusing traditional artistry with modern sensibilities. Each piece from Lounge-wood reflects the meticulous attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship that define the Venetian tradition. Our commitment to quality ensures that you not only receive a functional and innovative product but also a piece of art that pays homage to centuries-old craftsmanship.


Solid wood or beech plywood from controlled reforestation. Zero-emission water-based pigments show all the sensations of natural wood.
A laptop table that give tactile sensation of antique furniture.
A miracle made possible by the skills of the master craftsmen of the classic Venetian furniture district


The strength and sturdiness of stainless steel which forms the supporting structure of the laptop stand. The elegance and class of the satin finish allow the laptop table to insert the warmth of wood into any style context, even the most advanced.


The knobs are made of hand-turned aluminum based on an exclusive lounge-tek design. Precious design jewels, the knobs give our laptop table the technical mood that represents the purpose for which the piece of furniture is built.

The best laptop table we have created

Lounge-wood is  the contemporary laptop table that improve ergonomic features of mobile computing at home.
Move your office at home and get a perfect laptop desk from your sofa, armchair, bed.


Fully  adjustable

Laptop tray rotates 360° and lt 35°
(always find the right position)
Height setting from 20cm to 90cm
(from recliner to standing use)
Legs height 3cm
(slides under most of furniture)
Mousepad for external mouse
(use from left or right side)
Easy Settings
(two knobs only)


Choose your Lounge-wood

Lounge-wood comes in 4 color tones and with or without Sail module. 

Ergonomic tips

What you should know about ergonomic use of laptops at home

ergonomic tips about use of laptop at home