Laptop support for lounge and waiting rooms

laptop stand for lounge waiting rooms

Maximize your productivity while waiting by using a laptop, particularly if you have work, study, or personal tasks to complete. The Lounge-book laptop support not only enhances the ergonomic aspects of using your laptop at home but also serves as a stylish addition to lounges and waiting rooms.

Appreciated service for Corporate Headoffice, Events, Meetings

Whether you’re in a corporate office, professional workspace, or public area, the Lounge-book is a versatile and valuable piece of furniture, offering comfort and functionality for users on the go

ergonomic supports for wi-fi lounge
Lounge-book in trade fairs

For congress, trade fairs, corporate events

For event fitters, Lounge-book is easy to move and assemble, using the ultra-compact packaging designed for international shipments you can save space and create support tables that are easy to manage and transport.

compact package easy transport
Compact package

Strong, Fully Adjustable, Ergonomic

Lounge-book is composed by a sturdy main structure made by metal. Laptop tray and mousepad are made by ABS enforced by fiberglass or polycarbonate made by us on our plant in Verona.
Thanks to the two knobs it’s possible to fit the most comfortable and ergonomic position of the laptop.

  • screen at eye level
  • keyboard tilting and external mouse perfect for wrists and arms
  • freedom of movement of the legs
  • no laptop in contact with the body

New commodities in hospitality

Lounge-book is also a laptop stand appreciated by hotel and residence guests.
In room, in reception or in the common areas of the hotel, meets the productivity of a desktop workstation with the relax of sofas and armchairs.
Available on wood or metal, the original and exclusive design with many colors and finishes, fit any Style and Design.

Lounge-book in Hotel reception