Use your laptop in bed

using laptop in bed

Lounge-book is the ergonomic support that allow to use laptops in bed with comfort and safety, with a lounge-book, is fine to use a laptop on a bed. Sitting with back straight and using it from one hand distance from eye is the perfect posture.

Usally people use laptops in bed unproperly: it is bad for the laptop and for users. Laptops on the bed will force you to hold your neck at an angle that will cause cervical problems. A hot laptop in the lap also generates too much heat.

Improve laptop cooling

When you place a laptop on a bed usually the air vents would get blocked and the system wont be able to cool and this may slow your system and may lead to circuit failure. If the bottom pores, slits or ventilation is getting blocked by cushions or blankets on bed, just 10–15 minutes and the bottom temperature can rise up to 60 (or more) degree Celsius!

laptop in bed poor posture

Avoid fall asleep with laptop on bed

People enjoy watching Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video when going to sleep, so on most nights, fall asleep with laptop still on bed. The risk of accidental falling down is on every night, with a Lounge-book you can reduce this risk, supporting the laptop confortable and safety.