Enjoy your Laptop

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supporto per notebook il relax a portata di geek

Enjoy your laptop!

Improve ergonomic features of mobile devices at home with Lounge-tek’s laptop supports.
NO poor posture, NO back-pain, only comfort, relax, ergonomic.
Fully adjustable: you always get a comfortable position.
Enjoy your laptop at home, on your sofa, armchair, chaise longue and even on the bed.

Lounge-tek, designed a laptop supports expressly to use with mobile devices.
The features of Lounge-book were revolutionary and were imitated by many other manufacturer.

Always a good posture using laptop at home

One knob set tilting and rotation of the laptop base, so it’s easy to find the correct position of tje laptop to type text on keyboard and setting screen at eye level.

Ergonomic Comfort, Style, Design 100%Made in Italy

Available with several finishies to meet any style, Lounge-book will be a new furniture element in your house. Expressly designed for Laptop users, home-workers, freelance, e-learning, with Lounge-tek’s supports to reorganize home for remote working.