Use your laptop outdoor. Move your office on garden or terrace.

Outdoor calling.

Summer is coming for home-workers, move your office outdoor!
It’s a sunny day… the wish to spend time outdoors is strong! being outside on a workday with the sun shining and the birds chirping and the breeze blowing sounds fantastic! Take your Laptop outdoor! Work from deckchair, on Garden, Terrace, Poolside and even on the beach!

use your laptop on recliner or deckchair, move your office outdoor on Garden or terrace

Organize your Laptop Desk Outdoor. You need a Terrace or a Garden with those features:

Shaded area to watch screen.

When working outdoors, shade is your friend, some current devices include “indoor/outdoor” technology displays, designed for visibility inside or outside, but the bright sun is, well, too bright. If you want to even be able to read text on a laptop in full sun, you’ll have to bump up the brightness, which will eat away at your battery life and it won’t even be all that legible. Working outside is about reducing stress and promoting direct attention toward work-related tasks; straining with your eyes makes relaxed focus extremely hard to muster. Plus, blasting your laptop with open sun will only make it work that much harder to stay cool.

use your laptop outdoor on garden, on terrace, on the beach, on the club, at poolside

Cool temperature.

Outdoor climate can be more comfortable than the interiors with air conditioning: you only need ventilation, no pollution and  low noise. Prolonged daily exposure to air conditioner as an open invitation to diseases like rheumatism, cardiac arrest, pneumonia and arthritis. Sitting for long in an air conditioned room or an environment that is cold could lead to joint and muscle pains, which may result in rheumatic pain in the neck, back or legs in future. Typical chronic rheumatic pains in joints or muscles become more intense if people stay a long time in a room with air conditioning. The respiratory system suffers greatly when the body is exposed to cold air conditioning for a long period and helps the bacteria andvirus that cause pneumonia, laryngitis and pharyngitis to thrive. The risk of respiratory irritation is quite high when the air conditioner is too cold and it becomes easy to catch these bacterial or viral infections that cause problems in the lungs, throat, nose or ear. It firsts starts with trivial illnesses like cold, catarrh and cough; and gradually, it becomes more serious to neuralgia (pain) in the head or torso, toothaches, headaches and sinus.
Some alternative systems allow you to cool these open-air spaces and transform them into oases of sheer pleasure,  lowering of temperature, keeping flying insects away with a low energy consumption. How it functions: Fog Modules bring water from a mains supply to a pressure of 60-70 bar, spraying it through special nozzles to nebulize it in droplets of only 10 microns, so that the water evaporates instantly, lowering the ambient temperature. This process is known as thermal dynamics: water needs energy to evaporate, 600 calories to evaporate just one gram of water and this exchange of energy causes the temperature to fall.

Seated on a comfortable recliner or an ergonomic deck chair

Sure, you already have a sitting, however Market offers many sun loungers and summer recliners for every taste, style and ergonomics needs, realized in several materials and finishing to meet any budget. For Outdoor Home Workers it’s suggested an ergonomic Recliner made by confortable and transpirant materials such as Rattan or drilled technical textiles. It’s mainly suggested an armrest to help arm and whrists, while typing keyboard and using mouse, ergonomic cushions, pillows and footrest to hold the head, legs foots, lumbar support.

An ergonomic support to get comfortable when you work with your laptop.

With Lounge-tek supports you can easy find the optimal postion to work with laptop on recliner. You can adjust height, tilt and rotation of the laptop-tray and get the perfect setup for ergonomic as we suggest on below.

Don’t hold your laptop with your body.

Like holding a cell phone too close to your head, holding a laptop so close to your body means the radiation flows directly into your body, and into some of your most vital organs. And if you’re pregnant, of course, the dangers are even worse. The laptop was invented to provide user mobility. Balancing your laptop on your knees could cause permanent discolouration of the skin and the heat generated by the computers can cause a nettle sting-like rash a condition named ‘toasted skin syndrome’. A Lounge-tek support hold your laptop suspended without a direct contact with your body.

use your laptop on terrace

Place the screen at eye level.

Ideally, set your laptop height and screen angle so you can easily view the screen without bending or rotating your neck, and put it about an arm’s length in front of you. To do this, you will usually need to elevate the laptop a few inches above your desk, which you can do by placing it on a stable support surface such as a laptop stand or a thick book.

Use a separate mouse.

Be kind to your wrists by using an independent mouse rather than the mouse that’s incorporated into your laptop keyboard. Place the mouse on an adjustable-position mouse platform like Lounge-tek’s Mouse-pad so you can keep it near your body and keep your wrist flat while using it. Some people with wrist pain benefit from alternating between 2 or 3 different models throughout the week, so the wrist is not always in the same position.

Bring near the screen, as more as possible.

Get a laptop with the largest screen possible for your needs to avoid the stressful posture that results from straining to see the text on a small screen. If you find yourself straining to see your screen, bring near the laptop as possible, compatibly with a correct posture of arm and wrist: it’s easy with a Lounge-tek support.

Prop up your feet.

If you have to raise your chair so that your arms and wrists are positioned comfortably, check to see how your legs are angled. Your knees should be at about the level of your hips. If your hips are too high, you need to put a footrest or small box under your feet to prop them up and keep excess strain off your lower back.

Take a break.

Take brief breaks every half hour; at the very least take your eyes off the screen and let them rest on something in the distance. The best approach is to do some simple stretches while at your desk, such as stretching your neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Every one or two hours, leave your desk to walk around to get your blood flowing and move your muscles. Apps to remind you to do this are useful, such as StandApp for Apple products. Lounge-tek support keeps you free to move: it’s easy to get up and take a break , coming back with all things and your work as you leaved, like a traditional desktop.

Solutions to work fine outdoor from our UK partner:


Also laptop computers work better with a laptop stand.

Textile and irregular surfaces (typical to support laptop with legs) may stop the cooling airflow of Laptop causing overheating and low performances. Lounge-tek supports have a drilled tray and are provided of coolfits to improve airflow under the laptop where usually are positioned air vents.

A wi-fi zone with power point to recharge your devices.

Someone, like writers or project manager can works offline with personal productivity software. Most of people need to surf the web and mainly it’s enough to be connected to the house wi-fi. Sometimes could be helpful a wi-fi extender but Most smartphones have downloadable apps that allow you to tether your laptop to the phone and use it as an Internet hotspot. Or, you could buy an attachment (USB Keys, Cube) for your laptop that allows wireless Internet access almost anywhere (with a fee, of course). You need also a power point or a solar cell to recharge your laptop.
How to extend your Wi-fi Zone

CHAT GPT opinion

Using a laptop outdoors can be challenging, especially in bright sunlight or other extreme weather conditions. Here are some suggestions to make the experience more comfortable and productive:

  1. Find a shaded area: If possible, find a shaded area where you can work comfortably without straining your eyes. A covered patio or a tree with ample foliage can provide a good amount of shade.
  2. Adjust screen brightness: Adjust the screen brightness to a level that is comfortable for your eyes. This will help to reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  3. Use an anti-glare screen protector: An anti-glare screen protector can help to reduce the amount of glare and reflections on your screen, making it easier to view in bright sunlight.
  4. Use a laptop hood: A laptop hood is a device that attaches to the back of your laptop screen to help block out sunlight and reduce glare. It is a great option if you are working outside in bright sunlight.
  5. Bring a power bank: When working outdoors, it is essential to have a power bank with you to ensure that your laptop stays charged. This will help you to avoid the frustration of a dead battery while working.
  6. Use a wireless mouse and keyboard: Using a wireless mouse and keyboard can make it easier to work outside as you can sit in a comfortable position and work from a distance.
  7. Stay hydrated: It is important to stay hydrated when working outdoors. Make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and fatigue.
  8. Use a laptop cooling pad: When working outdoors, your laptop may get hot due to the high temperature. A laptop cooling pad can help to keep your laptop cool and prevent overheating.