Materials are not unlimited: new Lounge-book EcoDesign

Use your laptop oudoor with a laptop support ecodesign made by recycled materials

Verona, Italy – July 2012

The Lounge-book is the innovative device to use your Notebook and Tablet in total comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. The new “EcoDesign” model keeps  the features that has determined its success; moreover it is made with a 90 % of recycled materials


Here is the news:

– The notebook-holder tray and the Mouse Pad are made of a mixture of ordinary plastic and waste from wood processing.
During the die casting process, the random mixing of the two components creates imperfections as an effect that makes each Lounge-book a one-piece, with the emotion and the warmth offered by wood.
-The strength and the resistance to moisture and wear are those proper of plastic, without increases in cost of the product.
– The two aesthetic screw covers has been removed in order to use fewer components and to enhance the solidity of the structure.
– The frame is made of iron from the metal recovery, it’s painted with the special ecological pigments Ecopolifix and processed with zero impact on the environment.

ecodesign was made by a biopolymere that merge recycled wood and plastic materials to save plastics and valorize reuse supply chain

The result is a reduction of up to 70% in the use of plastic, exploiting waste material as raw material and thus enhancing the recycling chain.
The color tone and tactile sensation of the metal frame of the Loungebook Eco-Design is inspired by the artistic works in rusted iron of the master Carlo Scarpa.
Also the Packaging and the instructions are made from recycled cardboard and paper; the kit for customer delivery is a solution for minimize the economic and environmental impact of transport and logistics.

Our partners are all within a few kilometers away in the furniture district of Veneto, Italy, thus reducing costs and emissions in the production phase.
The Loungebook Eco-Design is a totally recyclable product made with a 90% of recycled materials, with a production process that protect the user health but also the one of those who work to accomplish it.
Our way to concieve Business in a responsible manner “Made in Ethics” led us to create the Lounge-book to last in time, as we were taught by our parents and grandparents, avoiding the “disposable” system, which is no longer sustainable for our planet.

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the innovative supports for Laptop, that can be used at home or in public places in total comfort.
A new experience of digital-life that makes easy the improvement of a higher level of freedom in everyday life, which is promoted by mobile technology.
Stability and versatility of use are the characteristics that make the Lounge-tek unique.
Designed for Notebook, Netbook, Ipad, Tablet and e-books, the Lounge-tek enable to use them in total relax sitting in most of the sofas, armchairs, chaise-longue and deckchairs in our houses.
We design and produce our products in the Veneto’s Furniture district, we directly select the providers of components and we check them according to the European Union Regulations about respect and protection of people.
We have developed a code of business conduct that reflects the values and experiences handed down from our parents, and the community in which we live: we call it “Made in Ethics”

A special product needed a special Test, according to our view of enviromental respect : Giacomo De Stefano “Man on the River” tested the new Biopolymer’s Laptop-table during his journey London to Istanbul along the Danube River. It was an hard test in bad conditions of Humidity and Temperature but succesful. Here is the video review by Giacomo…


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