Design inspired by the masters of Italian Style, as Achille Castiglioni

lounge-book and toyo

Our laptop stands are inspired by the masters of Italian design, such as Achille Castiglioni, witness of Italian
culture that has been founded on a tradition of the fine arts and of skillful craftsmanship.
Achille Castiglioni designed objects made for everyone and useful in daily life, with the target that also drives our design, that is to offer innovative solutions for people that meet new digital lifestyles.
“Good design projects never originate from the ambition to leave one’s own mark, but from one’s willingness to build a relationship with the unknown end-user.”
Achille Castiglioni has invented many objects that have made the history of design, such as the famous Toio lamp, which inspired us for the painted metal structure.
Our design is paired easy with other masterpieces of this creative age, for example the Chaise-longue LC4 by Le Corbusier.

design le corbusier lounge with laptop stand
Le Courbusier LC4

Tailor-Made Components: Exclusively Engineered for Laptop Excellence.

We have designed key components such as the laptop base and mouse holder for practical use of the computer but also with a universal aesthetic language.
Lounge-book is more than an accessory that is stored in a wardrobe, but a new piece of furniture that must match any style.

The Mouse-pad for external mouse
Metallic structure with aesthetic cover