Livingroom is the new Office

laptop on sofa alexandra Nicole Nolan

New digital lifestyles and the growth of remote work caused by the Covid 19 Emergency has changed the work organization in a Home Office direction.
Lounge-book is the laptop support that improve ergonomic features of Portable computers at home.
“I love how it is the perfect size to work from without being too bulky to get in the way” says Alexandra Nicole that has reviewed Lounge-book on the CityChicLiving blog.

Laptop on sofa

Using laptop on sofa may be comfortable and ergonomic, thanks to the “suspended” concept of Lounge-book laptop support.
This allow to move easily without hold computer with legs or lap.

Work at Home

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, million people, worked either partly or fully from home. States and companies are requiring non-essential employees to stay home and many people now ask to work at home.
Most residential settings, don’t have the space to accommodate today’s ergonomic office furniture, nor do most people invest in it, especially if they do the bulk of their work in the office. So if you are working from your home, it’s likely that you are either using your computer on a regular table or a kitchen countertop, or you are in a lounge chair or on your bed. Wherever you are may be you are not in a healthy posture.

Healty posture

Sitting for prolonged hours can lead to poor circulation throughout the body. Once circulation slows down due to sitting, your blood remains in the feet and legs, ultimately reducing blood flow. For those suffering with nerve pain, the lack of nutrients and oxygen from a proper blood flow can be harmful. Symptoms such as tingling or numbness escalate even more. With lounge-book you can stand and stretch every 10-15 minutes to keep the blood flowing.
If you suffer with nerve pain, sitting for long periods of time is slowly damaging the nerves over time. Sitting can affect the nerves most vulnerable to pain sensations, such as tingling, burning or stabbing pain. Also keep laptop away from body avoid EMF radiation effects.

Stop EMF radiation keep your laptop away from body

Optimize space at home

In every home, there is a need for more space. Regardless of how small your apartment we all seek the need for maximizing space to make our homes feel spacious and welcoming.
Many family homes are using their home office for computer use, doing homework/bills, work and online meetings.
Maximize space with multifunctional furniture such as the Lounge-book, a smart support that transform your sofa in a perfect laptop desk, get an adding table to share better home-office spaces!

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