Laptop in bed. Healthy, Comfortable, Ergonomic

using laptop in bed

Whether you’re working in the evening or to relax with a movie, using your laptop in bed would be comfortable and relax. It is absolutely fine to use a laptop on a bed but for limited time!

Using laptop in bed, the right posture

Sitting with back straight and using it from one hand distance from eye is the perfect posture. Most of people use laptop in bed with a poor posture laying or sitting with bent back or how feel better in casual postures. That’s okay for a very limited time otherwise it main cause body ache or muscle strain. Laptops in bed will force you to hold your neck at an angle that will cause cervical problems.

laptop in bed poor posture
Poor posture using laptop in bed

Lounge-book is the ergonomic solution to use laptop in Bed

Thanks the revolutionary “suspension system” inspired by the traditional lectern, you can find the correct position to type text, optimal distance to do not strain your eyes, using an external mouse with a mouse-pad.
Lounge-book solve laptops issues and you can focus on prevent backpain, for exemple looking for a Pillow to hold your neck and head at the right height to prevent unnecessary strain.

using laptop in bed. Ergonomic support.

Using laptop in bed, Emf & Overheating risks

A hot laptop in the lap also generates uncomfortable and dangerous heat. Why do laptops overheat on beds? Generally in laptops, the air circulation is very important for cooling the internal hardware. If the bottom pores, slits or ventilation is getting blocked by ‘soft cushion’ or blanchets in bed. Just 10–15 minutes on the bed and the bottom temperature can rise up to 60 (or more) degree Celsius! High temperatures may damage the internal hardware and it decreases the battery life, too, permanently!
About EMF risks, no one really knows if it’s safe to hold laptop on stomach or lower for hours. There has been concern raised over cellular phones that we hold to our heads,, also laptops and tablet PC are wireless devices and use significant microwave energy.

No Laptop Overheating

Laptop in bed, cooling, healthy with Lounge-book

Lounge-book offer to laptops an hard surface with air flow holes to improve cooling. In addition, the holder keeps the laptop away from the body, avoiding uncomfortable heat caused by the computer hardware. Some scientific studies have showed a link between the heat and EMF emitted from a laptop and decrease in a man’s fertility or pregnancy problems. Most experts agree that to use laptop safe, you might want to keep the laptop away from your lap.

Stop EMF radiation keep your laptop away from body

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