Using Laptop on Wheelchair. Lounge-book for disabled and injured people.

using laptop with wheelchairs

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are fully adjustable supports for use laptops and tablets over a bed or chair or by the wheelchair if you are disabled or elderly and need extended periods sitting or in bed.
For use at home and in hospitals, nursing and residential care homes. Lounge-book are also useful disability aids at meal times and for activities including reading and your various pastimes throughout the day.

For Pregnant

For pregnant lounge-book is an essential accessorie to distance the notebook from the womb and reduce the risks associated with the impact of emf radiation on the fetus.

laptop stand for injured people or pregnant woman

Lounge-tek and disabled people

For this reason we collaborated with the Yacht Club Verona meeting with the Italian National Paralympic Sailing Team.
It was an exciting encounter in which athletes and trainers ( Brazil 2016 Paralympics technical manager Beppe Devoti ) have described with the help of videos , their daily experiences .
A demonstration how sport is an aid to go over daily difficulties , and an evidence that with the right tools and determination, you can achieve the same results for everyone.
Many people who have purchased our notebook stands, have difficulty moving permanent or temporary: pregnant women , people that lost functionality as a result of crash, older people, or with diseases of the spine. For all, the way to make a ” normal life” thanks to the power of Internet via Laptop , iPad , E-books, and other digital devices now available to everyone .
Lounge-tek’s Supports allow to use them in an ergonomic way: man is the center of the system, the tool adapts to the user needs, to work with the ideal posture.