A laptop support for injured or disabled

Laptop supports for injured or disabled

If you are injured or disabled our fully adjustable supports for laptop can solve your problem and can transform your armchair, wheelchair, bed, in a office desk.
Lounge-book is the ergonomic laptop support expressly designed to improve ergonomic features of mobile devices such as laptop, notebook, tablet PC.
For use at home and in hospitals, nursing and residential care homes.

Smart features for injured and disabled people

  1. Simply settings

    A lounge-book is fully adjustable, the laptop base settings (tilt, height, rotations) provide the correct position to type text and watch screen at eyes level.

  2. Easy slide under furniture

    Lounge-tek supports don’t need wheels to easy slide under most of furniture. Legs require only 3 cm (1,18 inches), that’s a very important feature using laptop on armchair for disabled with electric move.

  3. 135 degree Posture, best for back!
    135 degrres position perfect posture

    Adopt good sitting posture with lower back support, and ensure other desk equipment is within reach. Sitting in a 135 degree thigh to torso sitting angle is best for spinal discs and recommend that as the best sitting position for office workers.
    A 135 degree sitting angle is exactly half way between sitting up straight and lying flat on your back . It’s not very practical for the average office setting: with lounge-tek support you can transform your sofa, armchair, bed in a perfect laptop desk.
    More about the 135 degree posture

  4. Italian design
    watch superbowl comfortable on your laptop on sofa, armchgair bed.

    Lounge-book and Lounge-wood: 100% Made in Italy. Design and finishings meet any style in furniture. You don’t need to store a Lounge-book on the lumber-room.