For Home Workers (outdoor): Lounge-book vs. Ikea Dave

This is Stefania Outdoor Office.

Stefania Girelli is an Italian Freelance journalist that manages a Blog about Furniture ideas with reuse of used goods and recycling of materials.
She obvously is an Home Worker … when the summer is coming, she start to work on her terrace, thanks to the Lounge-tek EcoDesign Laptop Support.

A recliner, a cushion to prevent back-pain, a Lounge-book, her Macbook, no more!She has made also an interesting comparison review between a Lounge-book and a Ikea Dave, where you can find the differences from a low cost table and a Lounge-book. Her article is in Italian on below a short summary….you can find it at this link:


Ikea Dave collides with the arm that does not allow to fix it Lounge-book can move, tilt, turn until you get the perfect position for fast typing on the keyboard.
Another interesting thing about the Lounge-Book are the two “Coolfit” that lock the devices even when the laptop is tilted. They are perfect with my MacBook Pro because they come flush with the keyboard, the supports below the keyboard less with the MacBook Air 11″…is really very thin.
With the Ikea Dave tilted the laptop slips and you need an additional support that allows you to tilt and turn.
Both are stable, but Lounge-book’s legs, allow to insert easy under armchairs and sofa.
Lounge-book (EcoDesign Model i tested) is composed by recycled materials, the laptop tray is made by a special biopolymer 30% Plastic 70% refused wood