Wallmount planters for green decor

Hanging Garden

Biovertigo is a wall-mounted flowerpot to compose “Vegetal Pictures”.
You can create a Vertical Garden as a Gallery, giving a Green mood to walls.

Kit for vegetal picture framework. Green decor aith really flower and plants

More than Wallmount Flowerpots.

Biovertigo is a special kit to decore your house with plants and flowers, it also reduces maintenance and daily irrigation thanks to its innovative features, using Vegetal Fibers and other tricks. to store humidity.

Nature, teacher of arts and Style Element

Green Decor as a natural mood for your house.
BioVertigo allows you to give a Brush Stroke of Nature to every interior and/or exterior environment, in the same easy way you can choose and hang up a painting, with the possibility to play as well with volumes of plants as with different shades of the same colour, but without particular artistic skills required.

hanging flowerpots made by really flower and plants.

Green Decor

Man has always tried to maintain contact with nature even though autonomously has buried himself in apartments and offices increasingly far away from it and in complete contrast to his harmonious laws. To maintain this link, absolutely necessary and vital, he places green plants and flower in apartments, offices and terraces. Designing with plants, in an artistic and not so obvious way, however, is one of the problems with which our daily creativity is confronted, also because of the increase of small dimensions of the spaces in which we live and move. Certain is that everyone likes to have some “green around”: some for actually unconditional love for nature, others to improve the microclimate thanks to the benefits of plants, others just for purely aesthetic reasons, because, you know, green is a great way to decorate.

Where, with wich plants, why Biovertigo.

Ideal for interiors, especially apartments and offices using most types of exotic plants on the market, and external, in particular halls and Terraces with annuals or perennials plants and/or aromatic ones.
Selecting the essences, take special care to the fact that the type of substrate is identical for all plants of your choice.

The placement must be done obviously in a sufficiently illuminated space and able to guarantee the process of photosynthesis, at the base of the well-being of the chosen plants (under testing a new version of timed lighting system dedicated to poorly or not illuminated areas). BioVertigo must be supported by 2 dowels that can withstand the weight of the BioVertigo even under full load of water (about 10 Kilograms).

BioVertigo is able to brighten and make each room special improving air quality, reducing considerably the concentration of harmful substances and the perceptions of temperature and increasing the relative humidity during the winter and refreshing in the summer.

How to act

Maintenance is easy: visually occurs periodically the water level directly at the base of the unit. If finished,proceed to the new watering pouring slowly the liquid directly into the top of the structure that will immediately be absorbed without any loss. Excess liquid will form a water reserve that, by capillarity, willbe available for plants roots only when necessary.
The maintenances required are extremely limited and diluted over time thanks to the recovery and subsequent water redistribution system — just watering the plants by hand, pouring the water from above, every 15-25 days(the time interval between one irrigation and the next one depends considerably on environmental conditions, in any case you must first rely on visual inspection). To get growths and even more lush blooms just add every 3/4 months, a small amount of liquid fertilizer to irrigation water. The well-being of the plants will be such as goodas we will pay attention to some periodic pruning to keep the artwork similar to what the author had in mind!

The vegetale fibers fibertrick: a smart solution to be a great gardener.

The potting cultivation generally, and in a small vegetal framework in particulary, introduces various problems,which as :

– The volume of the potting soil, in which all the circle phases happen in nature, where the organic substances were turned into mineral  compost, assimiable by the plants, is reduced.
– The plants suffer often of rottenness, caused by too much or on the contrary, the absence of watering.
– The plants are often subjects of scorches and sufferings caused by an excessive, poor or absent fertilization.

Why to use the vegetal fiber “Fibertrick”:

FiberTrick,, is a compound composed of various types of imperishable vegetable Fibers, selected of the best essences coming from different parts of the world.
Adding FiberTrick to the potting soil, obviously appropriate to the plants chosen to be placed inside the picture, you are able to ensure:

– A correct and essential motion of a capillary request from the waterstock.
– A homogeneous distribution of the nutrients in the whole structure..
– Enough energy to guarantee, to all plants on various levels, a luxuriant growing.
– A complete microsystem full of active microorganisms
– A rich and airy potting soil, typical usually only of outdoor planting.

Mixing fibertrick to the potting soil offers many advantages:

– An advanced administration of the water/air system in the potting soil.
– Capacity of self-regulating regarding to the administration of nutrients, releasing or retaining them, according to the needs of the plants.
– An enriched bacterial flora, formed of a selection of benefitting microorganisms, which stimulates the symbiosis with the plants.

This means that the plants always get the optimal quantity of nutrients and humidityextending their lifetime.

the hanging flowerpot. Green decor for interiors, terrace.