Improve home working and remote school on lockdown

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Home working and remote learning, during the lockdown have transformed your home spaces into an office or temporary classroom. To improve your Lockdown or Quarantine, Lounge-tek offers smart and economical solutions to optimize space and improve ergonomics of furniture when using your Laptop or Tablet at home.

Work and study from the sofa, armchair or even in bed with the Lounge-book

Lounge-book revolutionizes space, transforming furnishing elements designed for relaxa into desktop workstations! Thanks to this concept it is possible to multiply the usable spaces to work or communicate with the laptop, while using the laptops in an ergonomic and comfortable way.

laptop note3book su divano come scrivania

Lounge-book is the fully adjustable notebook holder that adjusts the computer to the most ergonomic position. thanks to the suspension concept it is possible to combine a relaxing use of the computer with maximum freedom of movement.
Lounge-book is an innovative piece of furniture designed and built specifically to work and communicate with the computer. The adjustment systems and the supporting structure are produced on the specifications of our patent. The product is handcrafted with the quality and style that made Made in Italy famous in the world.

Improve notebook ergonomics and save space, on your table or desk, with Desktop Riser

Desktop riser is the riser and table stand that raises and tilts the laptop to place the screen at eye level and optimize space on the table or desk.

Desktop Riser is the desktop laptop base that transforms your laptop into a real desktop station thanks to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
The useful cable hole maintains the order in the connections of the laptop to external peripherals, the free space under the laptop is useful for consulting documents or notes.

Add workspaces in the home to improve family coexistence

The work and study from home, a consequence of the Coronavirus lockdown, have raised problems of coexistence and stress from overcrowding in domestic spaces.
the opportunity to obtain an extra table or desk to follow the lessons online from the sofa or bed can be strategic for the other family member who has to work from home.
An easy way to create the conditions of privacy and concentration to study and work profitably.

Entertainment also run over internet, so you can watch movies, videos and TV from your laptop.
With Lounge-book it is comnfortable to do it from any domestic space, avoiding using the TV in the living room.