Lounge-book Freestanding Recliner Laptop Stand

By Low and Mac 2008

Lounge-book from Lounge-tek of Verona, Italy, is not a simple accessory but an innovative solution that will help you use a notebook in complete relaxation wherever you want: in an armchair, on the sofa, on a chaise-lounge or even better – in bed.
Lounge-book helps prevent health problems and overcome physical limitations due to poor ergonomics or a too long use – a new philosophy for the use of Notebook computers.
Lounge-book Freestanding Recliner Laptop StandSurprisingly simple technical solution

Laptop Stand features:

Lounge-book is symmetrical and you can use it either on the right or on the left side;
You can regulate its height and adapt it to any position;
The aeration holes and the ability to incline the support tray will allow you to find the perfect position for your Notebook, with efficient ventilation system to help keep your ‘Book cool.
The micro-table “Mouse pad” is ideal to support and maneuver an external mouse or to keep your mobile phone even better a drink handy.
The fastener knob used for setting the support in inclination and height permits a stable block and excellent precision of adjustment.
The base supports at the end of the Lounge-book are very small, only 3 cm, which allows placing Lounge-book more or less anywhere and perfectly positioned.
Lounge-book Freestanding Recliner Laptop StandLounge-book is more than an accessory, it’s a piece of industrial design art added to your furniture, that integrates your notebook with the personality of your house and of your living. You have the maximum freedom in finding your ideal combination thanks to the availability of seven models.

Chaise-Lounge Use

It’s the ideal method for a relaxed use of the notebook, comfortably lying in the most ergonomic position you could have.
Lounge-book Freestanding Recliner Laptop StandIts not by chance that the company logo has been designed to show this position.
It symbolizes the perfect philosophy of the comfortable and ergonomic use of a notebook. The Lounge-tek approach goes far beyond the function of the technical instrument to arrive at a real and proper lifestyle.

Porta-notebook per chaise-longue

Using Laptop In Bed:

At home or in an hotel, Lounge-book allows you to do what you’ve always wanted to do with your notebook, but unlikely managed to do it – comfortably using it lying on your bed.
Lounge-book Freestanding Recliner Laptop StandThe 35-degree inclination permits the support to be regulated in an optimal way to work with your notebook from a horizontal position and at the same time guarantees the best air flow for the cooling outlets of the computer.
The suspended structure allows you to locate Lounge-book at the right height to avoid putting weight on your body and at the same time to reach the keyboard with your fingers by leaning on your elbows, guaranteeing a natural position for your arms and head.

ergonomic workstation

Using Laptop In an Armchair

Completing a report or chatting with friends from your armchair in the lounge?
To finish the day in total relaxation there isn’t anything better.
You can position your Lounge-book as you wish thanks to the versatility of the structure and the adjustable supports that let your body find the best position. In front of the TV or in group, using a notebook for work or fun has never been so comfortable.
Even if you are a freelance and use the notebook all day or a normal user with a less advanced laptop, Lounge-book will ensure comfortable use.

Lounge-book Crystal - transform your living in a laptop-Lounge

Using Laptop In the Garden or on a Verandah

On a deck chair either in a garden or on a terrace, Lounge-book gives the best performance: the adjustable structure adapts to any height, while the Notebook support can be perfectly regulated to respect the chosen inclination: and if you don’t use Lounge-Pad for the mouse or to support your mobile phone, you have the space for a drink.
Even outside the Notebook becomes a pleasant distraction or a comfortable workmate.
With Lounge-book you can use your notebook in the peace of your garden or verandah, connected to a wireless world.
Working near the swimming pool, on the deck chair, you need only a Lounge-book and a cool drink- the Lounge-book way of life.

using laptop outdoor on the armchair in the garden

Public Use

Lounge-tek is trying to arrange with different suppliers to make the comfort of Lounge-book available even when you are out:
while you are waiting for your flight comfortably seated in a hotel at the lounge or in your bedroom.
In a conference room or during a course
In waiting rooms and in health care structures
accessori per notebook come arredamento in aree wi-fi
Lounge-book has been designed and realized in Veneto, an extraordinary region of Italy where a brilliant network of professionals gather, with ethics, traditions and innovation and a deep culture of quality and respect of the rules. A new way to make business that uses the territory and the innovation available to compete better on the market, eliminating the useless costs that weigh down the quality of products or increase prices for the buyer.
All the production phases are developed in the respect of current laws, using materials and varnishes approved by the European Union in terms of protecting workers’ health.
Lounge-tek started the lounge-book project targeting relax and comfort as primary objectives but in developing the idea they also found many ergonomics issues that this product can help address.

Bottone Buy
Shipping to USA and Canada is under the same terms as to European countries with payment accepted through PayPal
A Lounge Book costs from 99.00€ + transport 15.00€ =114.00€ (Europe) or about $109.00 + transport 29.00$ (US)  at current exchange rates including Duty and Tax and UPS delivery.
Delivery takes approximately a week.