FAQ, all you may ask about our laptop supports

Why your support has not wheels?

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood do not have wheels because they have to slide under most of the furniture elements.
We considered the wheel option but this would have increased the footprint of the “legs”. Without wheels it takes only three cm to slide the support. Furthermore, the use of wheels with brakes would have further raised the costs of the product.
slide under bed

Is this product able to be used from the left side of a chair??

Lounge-te supports are symmetrics: you can use it at better from Right or Left side
Both Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are symmetric: you can use them either from the right or from the left side.
This operation for the Lounge-book is easy: you just need to turn the tray 180 degrees. The Lounge-wood instead requires a simply operation (disassembly of the arm and the locking knob) to fix the Mouse Pad in opposite direction.

Upon assembly the top of the desk seems to not be level. The arm is level at the end where the top meets but when the top is tilted down it doesnt carry the laptop so as not appear tilted. We placed a level on it and there seems to be a problem either with the bracket assembly or the actual table top itself.

We recently included an enhancement to aid in controlled arm slip and prevent arm tilt due to over-tightening of the knob. Was missing the felt feet on photo???

Hi. Can I buy the coolfit add- on on Etsy? Or does it come with the computer stand? Thanks.


Each lounge-book includes a couple of coolfit.. (2 feets) . We include it to improve stability and cooling of large laptops.
We also sell (on our direct shop) coolfit kit composed by 2 couples, that someone use to support and improve cooling of games console and decoders.

i am wondering what the measurement is between where the mouse is located to where the computer is located. there is a extended bar there, but it doesnt look adjustable, it looks like it is only one length. i was looking into this product as a gift. his height is 6’5″ and would likely use this product on the couch, and im wondering if his couch is a chaise if it would be long enough to reach where he sits.



Hi here are the measure and a video to learn better our support’s functions….
Measures are in cm, 2,5 cm = 1 inch

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  1. David Waters says:

    Do you ship the Lounge-Book to the UK and, if so, are all the various duties included in the price?

    • Staff Sales says:

      Hi, yes we ship directly from our plant in Verona Italy, daily deliveries, prices are all inclusive.

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