Using laptop on the bed. The best Ergonomic Support.

using laptop in bed. Ergonomic support.

Bringing your laptop on bed may be comfortable. Whether you’re looking to get a little extra work done in the evening or to relax with a movie, the most comfortable position to use a laptop, is to lie on your back and place the computer on a proper support.
Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the support for Laptop, to use your laptop ergonomic and comfortable, also on the bed.
The shape inspired by traditional lectern is founded on the “suspension” concept.
You don’t need support devices with the legs or other wrong posture.

Laptop on bed, safe and ergonomic

Placing your laptop over your sheets and blankets keeps its heat from burning your legs, but it also insulates the computer, potentially damaging its components. Worse yet, most laptops have an intake fan on the underside of the chassis, which a blanket or pillow can completely block.

You can use Notebook with freedom of movement, it don’t require muscle contractions to support devices with legs, only the right support for back ( more on “ergonomics” )

Laptop on bed, never accidental falls

The computer is also safe to avoid falls: Lounge-book allows you to fall asleep with the laptop in bed! (don’t abused laptop or tablet in the evening! …… the partner may not take it up !) .
Lounge-book is more than an accessories for laptop, it comes a new concept of furniture to replace traditional bedside tables.

All the support for laptop by Lounge-tek have the same functionality, Lounge-book and Lounge -wood, differ in the height range.
Lounge-book has been studied ( range from 57cm to 75cm measured at the lower point of the lectern or the control knob ) to fit the European furnishing which provides consolidated standards for seating and beds.
Lounge -wood thanks to the different features or the structure allow more excursion : (from 20 to 90 cm).
This makes it suitable for beds of different sizes , such as very low Japanese tatami or very high beds usual in USA.
The Laptop-tray includes slot designed to improve use with tablets and e- book reader.