Ergonomic furniture for laptops. Never seat wrong at your desk.

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We founded this helpful video that explains well what are the more common ergonomic errors using computer at home.

Desktop computers are often used on tables, Laptops are used in many other positions, usually with poor posture. Traditional furniture is designed for different purposes, tables, coffee tables, shelves are designed to support objects or carry out actions limited in time. To work correctly on the PC you need ergonomic office furniture, or supports specially designed to adapt comfortable seats for use with computers.
Thanks to the Lounge-tek support you can easly follow the five suggestions you’ve got from the video, moving your desk

  • Don’t sit perfectly straight (better with 135 degree)
  • Don’t set your chair height for your legs
  • Rest your wrists when using the mouse
  • Don’t use desk with built drawers
  • Create an height-adjustable  desk

Lounge-tek supports have the features you need to create a fully ergonomic laptop table designed for laptops, big notebooks and also tablet PC with  space for external keybords

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