Ergonomic chair or Laptop Support ?

back shoulder using laptop on the table at home

Using laptop for a lot of time in a wrong posture may cause pains and phisical troubles
Sitting in ordinary chairs for a long time may cause back pain or neck pain (cervical syndrome). The main reason is that standard chairs, and static postures in general, increase the stress on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, legs, stressing the back and lumbar muscles, as well as the discs and joints of the spine.

Why a correct posture is important.

Fixed postures maintained for a prolonged time induce biomechanical stress, forcing the natural tendency of the muscles to a series of contractions and relaxations necessary for their correct functioning which is expressed in the need to continuously change position. The blood circulation also requires frequent changes of posture to facilitate a correct flow of blood in veins and arteries. In the long run, these strains can lead to permanent deformations and damage to muscles, nerves and blood vessels, as well as to more serious problems typically affecting the spine.

Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, lower back pain,using laptop at home with a wrong posture

Using laptop at home

The two main conditions of use of the laptop at home:
A) as a desktop replacement usually on a desktop with external devices as monitor, keyboard, mouse.
B) as laptop on chair, armchair, sofa, bed. Usually people hold laptop with legs, lap, or ordinary furniture as small tables or bedside tables.

Desktop replacement? Better an Ergonomic Chair with Desktop Riser

If use laptop on the desk, instead of the traditional Desktop PC. The right choice is to buy an ergonomic chair and an external height-adjustable monitor to find the correct posture by adapting the chair to the best position of the body. The height adjustment allows you to find the right support for the arms, while the lumbar support offers support to the spine. It is important to adjust the height of the monitor so as not to strain the eyes and the neck muscles.

Desktop riser  laptop stand for desktop replacement.

At this purpose, Lounge-tek has created Desktop Riser, the stand for desktop laptop that raises and tilts the computer, saving space on the desk

Nomad workers at home? Lounge-tek supports improve ergonomic features of laptops on sofa, armchair, bed.

With the ergonomic supports of lounge-tek it is easy to use the laptop on chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, with a correct posture. It is recommended that you add a pillow behind your back for efficient lumbar support.
With the Lounge-book it is possible to use the laptop with the back in a 135 degree position. This is easily obtained by bringing the Laptop closer to view and adjusting its height and inclination to click on the keyboard.
The “mousepad” external mouse table has the function of resting the wrist to prevent arm fatigue and annoying syndromes such as the Carpal Tunnel.
Thanks to Lounge-tek supports, the device follows the man in his most correct position.

using laptop on armchair sofa bed thanks to Lounge-book laptop support. For home workers

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Usare il tuo laptop a casa in modo ergonomico

  1. Scegli la tua postazione preferita

    Divano, Chaise longue, Poltrona, letto oppure la sdraio in Terrazzo o in Giardino. Un cuscino dietro la schiena per sostenere i muscoli lombari e la colonna vertebrale, è un ottimo aiuto.

  2. Scegli Lounge-book il supporto che trasforma il tuo angolo relax in postazione di lavoro

    Lounge-book offre una base portacomputer completamente regolabile, in altezza, rotazione ed inclinazione. Trovi sempre la posizione ergonomicamente corretta con il giusto angolo per la tastiera, lo schermo ad altezza occhi.

  3. Sistema il supporto nella posizione ideale

    Le gambe a basso profilo slittano agevolmente sotto la gran parte degli elementi di arredo. La struttura robusta ma leggera non richiede ruote che aumentano gli ingombri e diminuiscono la stabilità

  4. Usa il mouse esterno senza stressare i tuoi polsi

    Un comodo mousepad consente di utilizzare un mouse esterno. Lounge-book è simmetrico e puoi utilizzare il mouse da destra o sinistra semplicemente ruotando il vasssoio di 180°.

  5. Risparmia spazio

    Con il Lounge-book moltiplichi gli spazi di casa in cui puoi lavorare o studiare con il computer portatile. Un ottimo rimedio al sovraffollamento familiare indotto dalla Didattica a distanza o Smartworking, Meeting on Line.


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