Ergonomic chair or Laptop Support ?

back shoulder using laptop on the table at home

Using laptop for a lot of time in a wrong posture may cause pains and phisical troubles
Sitting in ordinary chairs for a long time may cause back pain or neck pain (cervical syndrome). The main reason is that standard chairs, and static postures in general, increase the stress on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, legs, stressing the back and lumbar muscles, as well as the discs and joints of the spine.

Why a correct posture is crucial.

Maintaining fixed postures for prolonged periods can subject our bodies to biomechanical stress, disrupting the natural rhythm of our muscles’ contractions and relaxations, which are essential for their proper functioning. This emphasizes the importance of continuously changing positions to alleviate this stress. Additionally, frequent changes of posture play a vital role in facilitating optimal blood circulation through our veins and arteries.

Failing to address these concerns in the long run can lead to permanent deformations and damage to our muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Moreover, it can contribute to more serious issues, particularly those that commonly affect the spine.

use ergonomics chair against back pain

By prioritizing correct posture, we enable our bodies to function optimally, reducing the risk of strain-related injuries and promoting overall musculoskeletal health. Implementing ergonomic practices, such as using supportive furniture like the Lounge-book, can significantly aid in maintaining a healthy and comfortable posture during extended work hours.

Remember, investing in proper posture now can prevent potential health complications and ensure a healthier, more productive future.

Using laptop at home

The two main conditions of use of the laptop at home:
A) as a desktop replacement usually on a desktop with external devices as monitor, keyboard, mouse.
B) as laptop on chair, armchair, sofa, bed. Usually people hold laptop with legs, lap, or ordinary furniture as small tables or bedside tables.

Desktop replacement? Better an Ergonomic Chair with Desktop Riser

If use laptop on the desk, instead of the traditional Desktop PC. The right choice is to buy an ergonomic chair and an external height-adjustable monitor to find the correct posture by adapting the chair to the best position of the body. The height adjustment allows you to find the right support for the arms, while the lumbar support offers support to the spine. It is important to adjust the height of the monitor so as not to strain the eyes and the neck muscles.

laptop desktop replacement

At this purpose, Lounge-tek has created Desktop Riser, the stand for desktop laptop that raises and tilts the computer, saving space on the desk

Nomad workers at home?

Whether you’re working from a chair, armchair, sofa, or bed, ergonomic supports make it easy to use your laptop while maintaining the correct posture. For optimal lumbar support, consider adding a pillow behind your back.

Lounge-tek supports improve ergonomic features of laptops on sofa, armchair, bed.

Introducing the Lounge-book, a versatile accessory that allows you to position your laptop at a comfortable 135-degree angle. Achieve this perfect viewing angle by adjusting the height and inclination of your laptop, bringing it closer for an optimal typing experience.

Say goodbye to wrist fatigue and prevent conditions like Carpal Tunnel with our external mouse table, the “mousepad.” Designed to provide a comfortable resting place for your wrist, this accessory ensures you can work for extended periods without discomfort.

With Lounge-tek supports, your device effortlessly adapts to your most correct and comfortable position, allowing you to work efficiently and without compromising your well-being. Elevate your home workspace with Lounge-tek’s ergonomic solutions for nomad workers.

a laptop table for sofa couch to use laptos and tablet


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