Ecodesign Natural Story

More than a product, a concept work in progress.

Presented at Goodesign 2013 in Cascina Cuccagna, in the space of the lessmore design line by Giorgio Caporaso.
Ecodesign Natural, comes from looking for the most sustainable materials and finishes.
Thus, the laptop tray and mouse table are made with an innovative mixture of 30% ABS and 70% recycled wood dust, worked in die casting.

Laptop tray is made with a mix of ABS and recycled wood

The metal structure is simply exposed to the elements of the Venetian plain to create an oxidation film (rust) blocked and made usable by a light layer of water-based paint.

ecodesign natural laptop support
ecodesign natural harvest

The knobs are those of the Loungewood wooden models, made of hand-turned aluminum based on an exclusive Lounge-tek design.
After some experiments, a new finish for the tray and mouse holder has been created since 2019. The mix of ABS and wood is sandblasted and then brushed with a zero-emission water-based pigment to create a unique and unrepeatable effect.
The result is a unique piece that leaves the mass production to embrace the uniqueness of the work of art.

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