Desktop Riser for office and retail front-end

Using a laptop in a shop with limited space requires efficient use of the available area while still ensuring that your front-end tasks are carried out effectively.

Compact Workspace Design:

Choose a compact and lightweight laptop that fits well within your available space.
Utilize a small desk or a portable laptop stand to save space.
Consider wall-mounted shelves or desk attachments to keep the laptop off the main working area when not in use.

Desktop Riser is the laptop stand solution.

The Desktop Riser works as an elevation and support for the Laptop bringing the screen and keyboard closer to the operator to improve functionality and ergonomics. The stand also save space on your desk and helps keep your desk and cabling tidy, thanks to the cable routing hole.
These features are particularly important when laptops are placed in confined spaces or for operators who work standing up, typically in front-end positions to the public such as cash points in shops, drugstores, ticket offices, infopoints.

Bring the screen closer to the operator

Desktop Riser raises the display up to 20 cm above the counter or countertop at the front end That’s a key factor to improve neck posture and prevents eyestrain bringing the display closer to the operator’s head

laptop eye level

Increases table space

The shape of Desktop Riser is designed to save space on the table.
Using space under the laptop makes easier to keep notes at hand or write with pen and paper, consult catalogues and all the small tasks that operators with the public need to carry out while using the Laptop.

Order in the wiring of connecting cables

The smart hole located in the upper end of the base, helps to order the wiring of the workstation. That’s a useful feature especially if you move the computer at the end of the working day.

Natural materials, essential design, solid construction.

Desktop Riser is made of birch plywood certified FSC from wood coming from controlled reforestation. The material is without surface treatments and varnish to obtain a product that respects the environment, offering the mood of naturalness that only wood can give
The design is sober and essential with shapes and constructive solutions that privilege functionality and sturdiness.

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