Lounge-book as a X-mas gift.

great xmas gift idea

Lounge-book is a great gift idea for Christmas 2022. An ergonomic support for notebook or tablet PC is an appreciate and useful tool from geeks, home workers and heavy laptop users at home.
Lounge-tek deliveries are direct from our factory in Italy with Fedex and other main carriers. This year, we forecast wednesday december,14th as the last day to place an order and receive the good before x-mas. For some countries as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Holland, and other EU country is active a stock of our main models on Amazon Fullfilment logistic.

christmas gift idea for laptop power users, geeks, home workers. A laptop support to enjoy laptop notebook, ipad and tablet PC at home


Drop shipping, send directly to the gift receiver

You can enter the recipient’s name and address in the appropriate fields “different address” , We ship to Italy, European Union and major global destinations in US, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan. Delivery time is 2-3 working days for Italy, 5-7 working days for EU and non-EU countries.

Your personal Christmas Greetings Card

Please enter in the order notes that it’s a gift! So we will not enter the normal receipt that will be at your disposal on demand. Once you have placed your order, if you want to send your x-mas greetings card (max. format A4), please send it in attachment on e-mail to info[at]lounge-tek.com with order number and we’ll put it in the package with the shipping documentation.
Please, take note that Extra UE destinations could have the invoice with shipping documentation with prices, to carry out customs procedures.

B2B invoices with destinations in Italy and abroad

If it is a corporate gift or you can deduct the product as a Christmas gift for tax purposes.
Simply enter your VAT number in the appropriate field. We’ll apply VAT on reverse charge as you can see on checkout. Invoicing in UE is not valid for EXTRA EU destinations, as we must invoice the recipient for customs requirements.

Our products are 100% Made in Italy

Lounge-book is 100% produced in Italy by us or our small artisan partners located in the furniture district of Verona, Italy.

x-mas tree in verona italy