Enjoy your Laptop

On armchair, sofa, bed
100% Made in Italy



Enjoy your laptop at home: on sofa, armchair, chaise longue and even in bed.
Improve ergonomic features of mobile devices at home with this unique furniture element born for Home Workers.
– Designed for laptop use
– Fully adjustable laptop tray
– Height setting 57/90 cm
– Mouse pad
– ABS & Fiberglass
– Strong metal structure
– Original design
– 100% Made in Italy
Plastic parts are made in our plant in Verona by ABS enforced with fiberglass or Polycarbonate .
Lounge-book was designed by Lounge-tek expressly for laptops and tablet PC. Our goal is the best user experience using laptop at home.

laptop stand floor pedestal

New Lounge-book Round

The New Crystal Round is designed to redefine your comfort and style with round base furniture, as the most diffused and iconic lounge Armchair like  Stressless® by Ekornes® …..




Turn your sofa or your favorite armchair into a stylish and ergonomic workplace for laptops, made for home-workers.
– Designed for laptop use
– Fully adjustable laptop tray
– Height setting 20/90 cm
– Mouse pad
– FSC solid wood or plywood
– Strong inox structure
– Aluminium knobs
– Original design
– 100% Made in Italy
Wood elements are made by our finest artisans and handmade painted with zero emission water varnish. An unique effect that show the texture of the material and give the touch of the warnmth of wood

Laptop table for livingroom


A poor posture using laptop for a long time, may cause several Health Problems

Working from home with laptop may not be the ideal set-up, using a laptop for extended periods of time is unhealthy and may cause
posture problems.
The screen should be on the same height as your eyes, and when you use a laptop sitting on your lap, cause muscle tension.
Sitting on the sofa, your bed or even on the floor will usually cause you to lean forwards and round your shoulders, which can cause pain in your lower back, shoulders and wrists. 
If you’re sitting at a desk or table, whether using your laptop at home or at work, you will usually need either a separate screen or separate keyboard, to allow you to sit with the correct, pain-free posture.
Lounge-book combine a relaxing place as sofa or bed with an ergonomic desktop….

Ergo Info

Livingroom is the new office

Lounge-book is the ultimate furniture element, born for Home Working.
Laptops make it possible to get work anywhere, including at home. With everything you need in a single package, they’re tough to beat. There’s a big difference between making do for a few hours and using a laptop eight hours a day. Working on a laptop at home for an extended period of time can be an ergonomic disaster. A laptop stand raises the laptop off the work surface, bringing its display closer to eye level and allow to use an external mouse to emulating a desktop PC experience…

laptop on sofa alexandra Nicole Nolan

Desktop Riser

Desktop Riser is the wooden stand for table that support, tilt and lift your laptop, improving its ergonomic functionality and saving space on your desktop

Thanks to the Desktop Riser, the screen is positioned at the correct height so as not to strain the eyes and neck muscles.
Desktop Riser is made of Birch Plywood, FSC certified made by wood from controlled reforestation
We produce Desktop RIser in Italy, with the skills and artisan tradition of our Veneto furniture production district



We serve our clients direct by our e-commerce, daily deliveries from our farm in Verona Italy

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